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Comittee I

Committee I of DPD RI is a fixed DPD RI organ that has the scope of work on regional autonomy; central and regional relations, as well as the establishment, expansion, and merging areas.

The scope of work of the Committee I is implemented in regard to regional and the community affairs, as follows:

1. The regional government;

2. Relationship between the center and the regions, and between regions;

3. Formation, expansion and merger of regions;

4. Settlement and population;

5. Land and layout;

6. Politics, law, human rights and public order, and

7. Regional problems in the border region of the country.

Benny Rhamdani: Ministry of Village Should Not Neglect Its Responsibillity! 05 Desember 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI held a Hearing (RDP) with the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Ministry of PDTT), North Sulawesi Provincial Government and Bolaang Mongondouw Regency Government (Bolmong) ) on Wednesday (5/12) in Jakarta. The RDP scheduled a discussion about solving land issues in Bolaang Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi. Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Benny Rhamdani stressed that his party certainly supports transmigration as a central government program that has brou
Committee I DPD RI: Grondkaart, HPL and Registered Land Are Still Serious Issues in the Region 04 Desember 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Grondkaart issues, Land Tenure Rights (HPL) and land registers are the focus of serious attention for Committee I DPD RI. Jacob Esau Komigi, Vice Chairman of Committee I of DPD RI asserted, from various field findings of Committee I DPD RI through various working visits, the matter of grondkaart, HPL and land registers was a land dispute in the regiona that must be immediately addressed. In the Committee I DPD RI Working Meeting with the Ministry of Agrarian Spatial / Head of the National Land Agency (ATR / BPN) and the
Committee I DPD RI: Requests an Extension of the Period of Validity of the Special Autonomy Fund 03 Desember 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI asks the central government to extend the period of validity of the Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) for Papua, West Papua and Aceh. The Committee I Working Meeting with Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo discussed the exit strategy for the Special Autonomy Fund for Papua which would end in 2021 and Aceh in 2027. Conducted in the Meeting Room of Committee I DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (3/12). Chairman of Committee I, Benny Rhamdani stated that Committee I had reviewed and asked the central
Committee I DPD RI: Due to Weak Law Enforcement, Land Mafia Has Increasingly Courageous 26 November 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI discussed the issue of land conflict with the Indonesian Land Mafia Victims Forum (FKMTI). The meeting was held to find a solution to the problem, in the Committee I Meeting Room, DPD RI Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta. Monday (26/11).   Vice Chairwoman of Committee I Fahira Idris while presiding over an audience with FKMTI explained that at present there are many problems regarding the deprivation of land rights in Indonesia. According to this DKI Senator the problem was very
DPD RI Gives Record of Acceptance of CPNS 2018 13 November 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI notes the implementation of simultaneous Civil Service Candidates (CPNS) of  2018 recruitment at the central and regional levels. This was stated at an audience between the Committee I DPD RI and the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) Syafruddin, at the Office of the Ministry of PAN, RB, Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday (13/10).   At the meeting, Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Benny Rhamdani conveyed the issue of CPNS 2018 recruitment that occurred in the region w
DPD RI Proposes 6 Priority Bills in 2019 National Legislation Program 12 November 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI will propose 6 priority bills at National Legislation Program 2019. This was revealed at the 6th Plenary Session of Session Period II 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (12/11/2018).   Priority Prolegnas Bill to be resolved by DPD RI, among others, the Bill on Management of Border Areas, the Bill on Geology, The Bill on Plant Variety Protection, The Bill on Regional Languages, The Bill on Management of State Receivables and Regional Receivables, The Bill on Ame
DPD RI Responds to the Nation Problems 12 November 2018
JAKARTA, dpd.go.id (12/11) - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia conveyed several attitudes regarding several events which caused polemic in the community. Some of these events were like the catastrophic fall of the Lion Air plane in Karawang waters, the execution of Indonesian Workers (TKI), Tuti Tursilawati, in the country of Saudi Arabia, and the burning of a flag that read the tauhid sentence in Garut some time ago. Regarding the crash of the Lion Air plane, Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono, expres
In addition to Victims, Let's Give Prayers for the Search Team 29 Oktober 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – Grief has again covered this nation. After a series of natural disasters, we must now face the harsh reality of having to lose our compatriots in an airplane accident. The Lion Air JT 610 aircraft for Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang, falls in the waters between Bekasi and Karawang on Monday 29 October 2018. "The best thing to do at the moment is pray for the victims and their families in every service we do. Don't forget to also insert prayers for all the Searching Teams who have worked nonstop so that they are all give
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee I DPD RI will follow up on the issue of the territorial boundary between East Manggarai Regency and Ngada Regency in NTT by inviting interested parties. This was stated by the Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Benny Rhamdani in an audience with the people of East Manggarai Regency, in the Committee I Meeting Room, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/17). "We will invite the Directorate General of Regional Administration of the Ministry of Interior. Then the Committee I DPD RI will also follow up on this issue wit
Jayapura, dpd.go.id October 16 2018 - The DPD RI carefully assessed that Special Autonomy (Otsus) is the only answer to strengthen Papuan integration, to alleviate poverty and promote the welfare of the Papuan people. Otsus is a momentum to jointly develop Papua to be able to sit equally, in line with other regions in Indonesia. "It is enough that discriminatory policies have taken place so far and it is time for us to join hands to build Papua together" said Chairman of Committee I DPD RI. Development that emphasizes on "Java centric" and
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