Comittee I

Committee I of DPD RI is a fixed DPD RI organ that has the scope of work on regional autonomy; central and regional relations, as well as the establishment, expansion, and merging areas.

The scope of work of the Committee I is implemented in regard to regional and the community affairs, as follows:

1. The regional government;

2. Relationship between the center and the regions, and between regions;

3. Formation, expansion and merger of regions;

4. Settlement and population;

5. Land and layout;

6. Politics, law, human rights and public order, and

7. Regional problems in the border region of the country.

Aceh Senator: Aceh People Demand Referendum, Central Government Should Take Action 27 Mei 2019
Aceh, dpd.go.id - Senator of DPD RI from Aceh, H. Fachrul Razi, MIP who is also Chairman of Committee I of DPD RI asked the Central Government to act and give serious attention if at this time the Acehnese are asking for an official Referendum. This discourse was stated by the Chairman of the Aceh Transition Committee (KPA) and Chairman of the Aceh Party (PA) DPA Muzakir Manaf or familiarly called Mualem, who issued an opinion. In the future, Aceh will ask for a referendum because according to Mualem, our country, Indonesia is not clear abou
Mandate of the Law: Peaceful Demonstrations Must Be Protected 21 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The consequence of choosing to become a democracy is that the state through its constitution must open the widest tap and provide security and legal protection for its people to express their aspirations, criticisms, and even criticism, especially to state institutions that finance public money. . Of the many ways to express aspirations, demonstration is one of the most effective choices. Vice Chairwoman of Committee I DPD RI Fahira Idris, who is in charge of politics, law, human rights, revealed that as long as the demo
In front of the Riau Islands Provincial Government, Committee I DPD RI Explains the Amendments Bill to Act 43/2008 on State Territory 21 Mei 2019
Batam, dpd.go.id - A number of leaders and members of Committee I DPD RI conducted work visits to Riau Islands Province (Kepri) in the framework of inventorying material for the Amendment Bill on Act number 43 Year 2008 concerning State Territory. The group led by the Vice Chairmen of Committee I DPD RI, Fachrul Razi and Fahira Idris were received by the Assistant I of the Government of the Riau Islands Province, Raja Ariza in Batam (21/5). The focus of this group of Committee I DPD RI is to absorb the aspirations and information needed from
There is no reason for SITUNG to be stopped 08 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI Directly reviews the General Election Commission Information System (KITUNG) of the Indonesian Election Commission (KPU) and proves that there is no attempt by the KPU to intentionally benefit certain parties who contested in the 2019 Simultaneous Election. If there is a data input error, the percentage is not more than 0.05%. Therefore, Committee I DPD RI assesses there is no reason to close SITUNG and supports it to continue. This was carried out as a series of oversight tasks of the DPD RI on the imple
DPD RI Measures the 2019 Simultaneous Election as Successful 07 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI measures the implementation of the 2019 Simultaneous Election as successful, orderly, safe and peaceful by evaluating regulations so that the implementation of the election in the future is better. In addition, DPD RI also invites all parties to respect the legal instruments and constitutions adopted by our country. This was revealed in the working meeting of the DPD RI leaders, Committee I DPD RI with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Kemenkumham, Kejagung, BIN, TNI and Polri at GBHN Nusantara V Meeting Room Parliament
Regional Competitiveness Bill, Realizing Global Competitiveness 25 Maret 2019
Surabaya, dpd.go.id - The Regional Competitiveness Bill (DSD Bill) is expected to be able to lift regions, especially those that are still lagging in order to be able to compete globally. This was revealed in the Working Visit of Committee I DPD RI in Surabaya in order to strengthen the DSD Bill material (25/03). The delegation of Committee I was led by Abdur Qadir Amir Hartono (Gus Ton) East Java Senator with a number of Committee I Members including Tellie Gozilie Babel Senator, A. Hafid Asrom Yogyakarta Senator, and I Gusti Arya Wedakarna
DPD RI Maximizes Performance in this Short Session 14 Februari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – To maximize Performance in this short Third Session Period, the DPD RI has produced 1 piece of DPD's Initiative Proposal Bill, 3 results of  DPD RI's supervision, 1 view and 1 consideration of DPD RI. This was revealed in the 9th Plenary Session of DPD RI, Session III Year 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta. Thursday, February 14, 2019. "We hope that the results of DPD's political work as part of the political responsibility of DPD RI and the benefits can be fel
Committee I DPD RI Discusses the Follow-Up of Land Compensation Cases in Bolaang Mongondow 04 Februari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I asked the government to immediately resolve land compensation cases to 1,114 heads of families at the ex-location. UPT. Tumokang. Mopugat, and Mopuya, North Dumoga Subdistrict, Bolaang Mogondow Regency, North Sulawesi. In addition, Committee I also requested that the Bolaang Mongondow District Government review plans for extraordinary legal remedies by conducting a review of the Supreme Court cassation ruling that won the community. This was revealed at the Committee I Hearing by inviting the Ministry of Vill
Censure is the Weakest Way of Defending Uighur Muslims 19 Desember 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The world and international institutions including the United Nations condemned the actions of the Chinese Government that carried out a legal process of mass arrests of around one million Uighurs, Kazakhstan and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. Some international institutions even stated in their report that detainees were jailed without charge and forced to shout the slogan of the Communist Party and not be given enough food and widespread reports of oppression. "What the Chinese government has done to Uighur Musli
Islands Region Bill, Special Treatment for the Islands Region 18 Desember 2018
Manado, dpd.go.id - The Islands Region Bill is proof of the DPD's partiality towards the Islands Region, fills a legal vacuum, and attempts to present the country in the Archipelago Region. This was conveyed by Benny Rhamdani, North Sulawesi Senator who was also Chairman of Committee I DPDRI, during the dissemination of the Islands Region Bill as DPD RI initiative in the North Sulawesi Governor's Meeting Room, CJ Rantung, Tuesday (18/12). From Committee I there were also leaders of Committee I, Senator Jacob Essau Komigi from West Pa
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