Comitee III

Committee III of DPD RI is a fixed DPD RI organ that has the scope of work on education and religion.

The scope of work of the Committee I was implemented in regard to regional and community affairs, as follows:

1. Education;

2. Religion;

3. Culture;

4. Health;

5. Tourism;

6. Youth and Sports;

7. Social welfare;

8. Women's empowerment and child protection; and

9. Employment.

10. Creative Economy;

11. Population Administration / Civil Registration;

12. Control of Population / Family Planning; and

13. Library.

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The high circulation and abuse of narcotics is an urgent reason to revise Act No. 35 about Narcotics. One of the points proposed in the Act is to increase the portion of prevention rather than eradication efforts. This was conveyed by a member of Committee III DPD RI, Abdul Azis Kafia at a Public Hearing (RDPU) with a number of drug activists on Tuesday (14/5). Abdul Azis explained that the current condition of the estate with the acceleration of information requires more appropriate laws with the current conditions. Acc
DPD RI Encourages the Spa Workers to Go International for Health Not Entertainment 07 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI hopes the government will immediately provide a clear legal umbrella for Indonesian migrant workers in the spa or therapist sector. In fact, the Act No. 18 Year 2017 concerning the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers has not given hope to spa workers or therapists. Although this profession is often considered to have a negative connotation, the spa actually has health benefits. In fact, the demand for spa workers or therapists both at home and abroad increases every year. "Act Number 18 Year
Denpasar, dpd.go.id - Delegation of Committee III DPD RI led by senator from Maluku Novita Anakotta along with other senators of DPD RI namely Syarif (Lampung), Oni Suwarman (West Java), Lalu Suhaimi Ismy (NTB), Stefanus BAN Liow ( North Sulawesi), AM. Iqbal Parewangi (Sulsel), and Chaidir Jafar (West Papua), made a working visit to the province of Bali on Wednesday (19/03/19). This work visit was carried out in order to capture aspirations, obtain input, views and opinions for the initiation of DPD RI on the revision of Act No.13 Year 1998
DPD RI Assesses Medical Education Act Has Many Drawbacks 13 Maret 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI assesses the Act No. 20 Year 2013 concerning Medical Education has many disadvantages. Therefore, the law must be revised immediately in order to answer the problem of medicine in Indonesia. "The Medical Education Law is still very young, but there are many shortcomings, especially in its implementation, causing this Law to be revised again," said Vice  Chairwomen of Committee III DPD RI, Novita Anakotta during a discussion on the preparation of material for consideration of the Medical Educatio
DPD RI Encourages Doctor Quality Improvement 12 Maret 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI continues to encourage the health status of the Indonesian people through increasing doctors or health workers. This was stated in a Hearings Meeting with the Head of the Health Human Resources Development and Empowerment Agency, Usman Sumantri in the DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/3). Chairwoman of Committee III DPD RI Novita Anakotta said that currently doctors are not only ready to help patients. Rather, it helps people to live healthy lives. "Now the task of a doctor is not only fixated on
DPD RI Maximizes Performance in this Short Session 14 Februari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – To maximize Performance in this short Third Session Period, the DPD RI has produced 1 piece of DPD's Initiative Proposal Bill, 3 results of  DPD RI's supervision, 1 view and 1 consideration of DPD RI. This was revealed in the 9th Plenary Session of DPD RI, Session III Year 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta. Thursday, February 14, 2019. "We hope that the results of DPD's political work as part of the political responsibility of DPD RI and the benefits can be fel
The Islamic Boarding School and Religious Education Bill must accommodate the interests of the people 29 Januari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI hopes that the Islamic Boarding School and Religious Education Bill drafted by the Indonesian Parliament will pay attention to the interests of the people by promoting noble character, and eliminating discrimination between private and public education. "Therefore, the Islamic Boarding School and Religious Education Bill tries to be the answer to the outrage involved in the world of religious education," said Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Novita Anakotta during the Hearing on the Islamic Boar
Denpasar, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI conducted a working visit at the Mount Agung Monitoring Post, Karangasem, Bali. This activity was carried out in the context of supervision of Act Number 24 Year 2007 concerning Disaster Management. The group was greeted enthusiastically by the community around the Mount Agung Monitoring Post, because it had erupted a few days earlier. Chairman of Committee II DPD RI Aji Mirza Wardana stressed that the public and the government must immediately be aware of the risks and mitigation of disasters. "Develop
DPD RI Conveys the View of the Social Worker Bill to DPR RI 08 Januari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI provides views and opinions on the Bill on Social Workers at a working meeting with Commission VIII of DPR RI and the Government. On this occasion, the DPD RI believes that the implementation of social welfare is currently not optimal.   "The current implementation of social welfare is not optimal. There have been social changes in the community that have an impact on increasing the number and complexity of social welfare problems, "said Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Novita Anakotta at Nu
DPD Reminds DPR Not to Hurry Legalize Islamic Boarding School & Religious Education Bill 18 Desember 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Member of Committee III DPD RI reminds the Indonesian Parliament not to rush to ratify the Pesantren and Religious Education Bill into Law. Several articles in the Bill still need to be reviewed because they are considered to have the potential to downplay the existence of Islamic boarding schools and religious education. Srikandi of Committee III DPD RI Intsiawati Ayus assessed that the Islamic Boarding School and Religious Education Bill still needed an in-depth study by involving all stakeholders to sit together to re
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