Pilih Propinsi :
Oni Suwarman, A.Md. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 2167485
Oni Suwarman or familiarly called Oni SOS came to Senayan to be a Senator of 2014 - 2019 period. Oni who came from West Java Province won the highest votes than other elected candidates with 2,167,485 votes. Born in Subang, March 5, 1978, Oni has a m...
Dra. Ir. Hj. Eni Sumarni, M.Kes. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 2042130
Senator from West Java, Eni Sumarni is a participant in local elections of Sumedang Regency, West Java in 2013. From independent paths, Eni Sumarni provided political education to the community, by not using money to achieve political power. The resu...
Hj. Denty Eka Widi Pratiwi, S.E., M.H. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 1901163
This Senator born in Tumanggung, July 4, 1975 is the incumbent that is re-elected as senator from the Province of Central Java. Gaining 1,901,163 votes, Denty entered to Senayan together with Sulistyo, Bambang Sadono and Achmad Muqowam. ''...
Hj. Emilia Contessa 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 1660542
Before working in Indonesian politics as a Senator, Hj. Emilia Contessa was famous as a senior Indonesian singer and once dubbed 'the Lion Stage Asia' by Asia Week magazine in 1975. Enrolled as a candidate for senator from the province of Eas...
Dr., Ir.,Herman Darnel Ibrahim M.sc 18 Januari 2019

Total Suara : 1425432
The PAW Member for Jeffrie Geovani
Dr. H. Bambang Sadono, S.H., M.H. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 1235682
H. Bambang Sadono, S.H., M.H. born in Blora, January 30, 1957; age of 58 years old is a former Golkar Party politician who became Chairman of the DPD Task Force in MPR period 2014 - 2019.  Previously, Bambang is vice chairman of DPRD Central ...
H. Aceng Hulik Munawar Fikri, S.Ag. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 1139556
H. Aceng Hulik Munawar Fikri, S.Ag. is a Senator who represents the province of West Java with a total number of 1,139,556 votes. Born in Garut 6 September 1972, who is familiarly called Aceng had been elected as regent of Garut after winning the 200...
Ir. H. Ayi Hambali 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 1032465
This senator, domiciled in Cibinong, was elected senator in 2014 legislative elections after gaining 1,032,465 votes representing West Java Province. With a clear vision and mission, Ayi Hambali confirms the public about the health protection. "Pe...
Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas 28 September 2017

Total Suara : 1017687
Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas was born in Jakarta, October 31, 1952; this 62 years old Tatiek Dradjad Supriastuti is empress of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana X, namely the king of Yogyakarta Sultanate since 1989 and Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region since...
Drs. H. Akhmad Muqowam 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 948673
Drs. H. Akhmad Muqowam is one of the senior politicians in Indonesia, which had served as a member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) the United Development Party (PPP-F) for several periods. Born in Salatiga, Decem...
Abdul Qodir Amir Hartono, SE., S.H., M.H. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 917275
Better known as Gus Anton, Abdul Qadir Amir Hartono, S.E., S.H., M.H is the son of an Islamic leader in Malang, East Java, K.H. Achmad Sjafiy. Born in Sumenep 30 September 1974, Gus Anton elected as Senator the first time in the period 2014-2019 by g...
GKR. AYU KOES INDRIYAH 02 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 908036
As one of the daughters of (late) Pakubuwono XII which is a figure bearers of Javanese culture and the heir to the throne in the palace Mataran Royal Sultanate of Surakarta, this woman, born in Solo, October 19, 1961, was active in participating to p...
Andiara Aprilia Hikmat 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 904421
Once occupied the post of deputy chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in 2012, the daughter of Ratu Atut Chosiyah, Andiara Aprilia Hikmat had been active in the Integrated Service Center for Women's Empowerment and Child (P2TP2A) as Head of...
H. Ahmad Nawardi, S.Ag. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 898647
A man born in Sampang and currently living in Surabaya is quite familiar among the people of Madura, especially among the officials and community leaders, as well as the community, especially in Sampang Regency. Not only for his polite and friendl...
Drs. H. A. Budiono, M.Ed. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 871422
Drs. H.A. Budiono, M.Ed is a Senator who represents the province of East Java by a vote of 871.422 in the 2014 legislative elections. Budiono was born in Blitar, April 19, 1957 and was once the Regional Secretary of Nganjuk. During the period of s...