Pilih Propinsi :
Prof. Dr. Ir. Hj. Darmayanti Lubis 11 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 622168
Re-elected as a Senator in the 2014-2019 period from the constituency of North Sumatera, Prof. Dr Ir. Hj. Darmayanti Lubis gained 622 168 votes. Born in Binjai, May 6, 1951, Darmayanti Lubis could not be separated from her mission of strengthening th...
Ir.Anang Prihantoro 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 546287
Ir Anang Prihantono was born in nambah Dadi, Lampung on April 10, 1965. This Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lampung graduate has a high concern in the field of agriculture. Prior to joining DPD RI, Anang was active as Chairman of Sertani (I...
Fahira Idris, S.E. 08 Oktober 2014
Blog Anggota: https://www.fahiraidris.id/
Total Suara : 511323
Fahira Fahmi Idris, SE., MH is a senator of Jakarta who was born in Jakarta, 20 March 1968. Fahira is the eldest daughter of Fahmi Idris, who is the Minister of Labour Indonesia during the administration of President Habibie and Indonesian Industry M...
H. Ahmad Subadri, S.Pd.I. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 461496
H. Ahmad Subadri, S,Pd.I, born in Tangerang, July 9, 1973, is a young politician who has high interset in social problems, especially in the province of Banten. Before being elected as Senator of Banten Province with the acquisition of 46.1496 vot...
Parlindungan Purba, S.H., M.M. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 440032
Parlindungan Purba, SH, M.M. is a Senator who was born in Medan, October 22, 1963. Parlindungan Purba is known to be active in various organizations as follows: 1. Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO) North Sumatera; 2. Chairma...
K.H. Ahmad Sadeli Karim Lc. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 434799
KH. Ahmad Sadeli Karim, L.C. was born in Pandeglang, on July 14, 1953 with the acquisition of 434.799 votes, Ahmad Sadeli Karim was elected as a member of DPD RI Banten province.  Ahmad Sadeli's organizational experiences are as Chairman ...
Dedy Iskandar Batubara, S.Sos., S.H., M.S.P. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 430516
Dedy Iskandar Batubara, S. Sos., SH., M.S.P. born in Siligawan Gadang, North Sumatera, on March 17, 1979, he is a Senator of DPD RI North Sumatera province who were elected by the acquisition of 430 516 votes. Dedi Iskandar Batubara is known as a ...
Prof. Dr. Dailami Firdaus 08 Oktober 2014
Blog Anggota: http://www.dailami-firdaus.net
Total Suara : 416929
Prof Dr Firdaus Dailami is a great grandchildren of Betawi religious teacher who is also chairman of MUI Jakarta in 1977-1984, KH Abdullah Syafi'i. Dailami is the son of the eldest daughter of KH Abdullah Syafi'i, Tuty Alawiyah AS. This ma...
Drs. Habib Ali Alwi 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 396933
Drs. Habib Ali Alwi born in Ambon, on September 2, 1967 is a senator representing Banten province by achieving 396.933 votes. This IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah graduate is very active in various organizations, such as the Senate of IAIN Syarif Hidayat...
Pdt. Carles Simaremare, S.Th., M.Si. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 394138
Rev. Carles Simaremare, S. Th., M.Sc. was born in Tanjung Beringin, on 10 October 1974. Carles is DPD RI Senator of North Sumatera province who was elected by the acquisition of 394 138 votes. Carles' undergraduate degree was taken at STT Walt...
Drs. Ibrahim Agustinus Medah 17 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 382122
Drs. Ibrahim Agustinus Medah, born in Bilba  - Rote Ndao, on June 8, 1947, is a Senator of DPD RI East Nusa Tenggara province elected by 382 122 votes. Before being elected as a member of DPD RI representing East Nusa Tenggara province, Ibrah...
Abdul Azis Khafia, S.Si., M.Si. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 368397
Abdul Aziz Khafia, S.Si., M.Si born in Jakarta, November 23, 1975, is a senator who represents Jakarta by the 368 397 votes.  Abdul Aziz had undergone his undergraduate degree at Assyafi'iyah Islamic University (UIA) Faculty of Science, D...
Intsiawati Ayus, S.H., M.H. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 352603
Instiawati Ayus SH., M.H. born in Bengkalis, on May 4, 1968, is a senator who represents the province of Riau by a vote of 352 603. Daughter of Riau Merdeka Commander, H. Asman Yunus and grandson of the 4th Mayor Pekanbaru Muhammad Yunus (June 1, 195...
Hj. Asmawati, S.E., M.M. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 347107
Familiarly called Asma, born in Palembang, March 30, 1960, Asma as the wife of former Chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR RI), Dr.H.Marzuki Alie, S.E.M.M., is elected as a senator from South Sumatra Province three times in a row. Asmawati f...
H. Fachrul Razi M.I.P 06 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 345915
Born in Langsa, Aceh June 6, 1980, Fachrul Razi is the politicians who have the determination to develop Aceh. Before entering the political scene of Indonesia, this man who graduated from the University of Indonesia, has been more active in the regi...