Hj. Rahmijati Jahja

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 179789

Hj. Rahmijati Jahja was born in Gorontalo, January 26, 1959. Rahmijati Jahja was elected as a member of DPD RI for two periods, namely the period of 2009 -2014 and 2014 -2019, with 179.789 votes. 

Before joining DPD RI, Rahmijati was a member of DPRD Gorontalo in 2004 - 2009. Some of the awards that were achieved by Rahmijati, among others: 
1. Wira Kencana Bakti Award from BKKBN in 2003;
2. Mother's Image in 2003;
3. Indonesian Women Image;
4. Gender Figures from Concern Award in 2006;
5. Eternal Homeland Image from Human Foundation in 2006;
6. Indonesian Women Figures Image in 2008;
7. Women International Award for Women of Achievement as the Models;
8. International Human Resources Development Program (IHRDP) in 2006;
9. Mangala Karya Bakti Husada Arutala by the Minister of Health in 2009.

08 Oktober 2014