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Ir. Abraham Liyanto was born in Kupang, October 24, 1956. Abraham is a member of DPD RI representing East Nusa Tenggara who has been a member of DPD RI for two periods, namely in the period of 2009 to 2014 and in the years of 2014 to 2019, after collecting 177 119 votes.

Abraham Liyanto has diversed organizations experience, among others:
1. Chairman of Kadin NTT;
2. Chairman of Kosgoro NTT;
3. Members of the Committee for the Acceleration and Expansion of Economic Development Bali-Nusra years 2011-2015;
4. Deputy Chairman of Golkar NTT;
5. Chairman of the Indonesian Boxing Commission (KTI) NTT;
6. TLM Foundation Trustees;
7. Members of the Assembly of the Synod of GMIT;
8. Board of Child Protection Institution (LPA) NTT;
9. Board Member of Regional Research;
10. Etc.

01 Oktober 2019