H. Aceng Hulik Munawar Fikri, S.Ag.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 1139556

H. Aceng Hulik Munawar Fikri, S.Ag. is a Senator who represents the province of West Java with a total number of 1,139,556 votes. Born in Garut 6 September 1972, who is familiarly called Aceng had been elected as regent of Garut after winning the 2008 elections in two rounds as independents together with Dicky Chandra, surpassing the candidate of PDIP-GOLKAR by gaining 57 percent of the vote.

Together with DPD RI, Aceng Fikri hopes to bring strategic programs of West Java, especially in the development, it can become the National program because the province of West Java is included into a densely populated province. Aceng also stated that efforts are being done in DPD which is focused on the development of natural resources to improve the welfare of the people.

Therefore, in the 2014-2015 period, Aceng carries the task in the Committee II that one of the functions is in charge of Natural Resources.

"The Committee II will make the maximum effort in fullfiling their duties with the focus on development in the field of natural resources," explained Aceng. In addition, he continued, the economic sector will develop the creative industries, to increase the purchasing power and education. 

08 Oktober 2014