H. Ahmad Subadri, S.Pd.I.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 461496

H. Ahmad Subadri, S,Pd.I, born in Tangerang, July 9, 1973, is a young politician who has high interset in social problems, especially in the province of Banten.

Before being elected as Senator of Banten Province with the acquisition of 46.1496 votes, H. Ahmad Subadri had worked as a civil servants in the regency of Tangerang.

His interest in politics made him changed his choice of life. His introduction to politics began when he entered the organization of KNPI (Indonesian Youth National Committee) in Tangerang, which drove him to become Chairman of the organization, not only as the Chairman of KNPI, Ahmad Subardi had also been elected as Chairman of DPC Democratic Party in Tangerang.

12 Oktober 2014