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Dedy Iskandar Batubara, S.Sos., S.H., M.S.P.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 430516

Dedy Iskandar Batubara, S. Sos., SH., M.S.P. born in Siligawan Gadang, North Sumatera, on March 17, 1979, he is a Senator of DPD RI North Sumatera province who were elected by the acquisition of 430 516 votes.

Dedi Iskandar Batubara is known as a person who is active in organization, namely: Branch Manager (PC MCA) Medan, Chairman of the Islamic Youth Akbar Recitation (WARISPA) Medan, Regional Advisory Board of the National Committee of Indonesian Youth (DPD KNPI) of North Sumatera province, Deputy Secretary of the Alumni Association Student Association of Al Washliyah (IKA IPA) of North Sumatera Province, Secretary, Central Chairman of Al Washliyah Student Association (IPA PP), Advisory, Chairman of Al Washliyah North Sumatera Deputy Secretary, Stofaz Institute Chairman, Regional Executive of the National Committee on Youth North Sumatera Indonesia (DPD KNPI SUMUT), Secretary Chairman of the Regional Al Washliyah Youth Movement (GPA) of North Sumatera, Vice Chairman of the Board of Education Member of North Sumatera Province, Indonesia Regional Board of the Muslim Brotherhood (PW Parmusi) North Sumatera.

12 Oktober 2014