Hj. Denty Eka Widi Pratiwi, S.E., M.H.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 1901163

This Senator born in Tumanggung, July 4, 1975 is the incumbent that is re-elected as senator from the Province of Central Java. Gaining 1,901,163 votes, Denty entered to Senayan together with Sulistyo, Bambang Sadono and Achmad Muqowam.

''Over the past 10 years, the DPD as a legislative body other than the DPR is still not optimal in performing these functions,'' said Denty. According to her, the DPR as a legislative institution is also not optimal in carrying out the legislative process, it even has the impression of avoiding it.

''Our portion in the legislative function is still not much, because in our law, DPD can only be invited by DPR in the first stage of the talks, '' said Denty,

Therefore, for this period DPD will push the fifth amendment of the 1945 Constitution. This amendment is intended for institutional strengthening of DPD as legislators. She added, eventhough Indonesia does not apply the bicameral system or two chambers in a parliamentary system.

''There are still many communities who do not know the role of DPD. When we designed the changes in legislation, people thought it was the result of DPR who are filled with the faces of political parties,'' she said. By the fifth amendment of the 1945 Constitution, Denty hoped there will be strong regulation that confirms DPD institutional and strategic roles, especially in the field of legislation.

08 Oktober 2014