Hj. Emma Yohanna

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 314053

Hj. Emma Yohanna born in Pasaman, January 22, 1955 was known as a businesswoman and was also active in Padang community activities. Before finally decided to become a member of DPD RI representing West Sumatera. She is an incumbent who successfully obtained as much as 314 053 votes for electoral district of West Sumatera. She is also the only female member of DPD RI from West Sumatera.

This Bachelor degree graduate of faculty of Tarbiyah Imam Bonjol Padang in 1977, aside of becoming members of DPD RI, she also has a career as women entrepreneurs and education foundations of TK ( Kindegarten) SD (Elementary School) CitraAl-Madina / PAUD and also served in community organizations such as the Women's Political Caucus Chairman Indonesia (KKPPI) West Sumatera, Vice Chairman of the Early Childhood Forum West Sumatra, KAHMI Presidium of West Sumatera, Vice Chairman of HWK West Sumatera and others.

12 Oktober 2014