Dra. Ir. Hj. Eni Sumarni, M.Kes.

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Senator from West Java, Eni Sumarni is a participant in local elections of Sumedang Regency, West Java in 2013. From independent paths, Eni Sumarni provided political education to the community, by not using money to achieve political power. The results, although not elected as regent, Eni Sumarni gained more votes than the candidates from the party.

In the legislative elections of 2014, Eni was elected as a senator from 2014 to 2019 period representing the province of West Java with gaining 2.04213 million votes. Eni Sumarni Situradja was born in Sumedang on October 27, 1963, and grew up in a family of educators. It has established her into a person who always wanted to serve for the betterment of society. Eni is the woman who is fairly tough, intelligent, firm in conviction and visionary.

Not only in politics, Eni Sumarni also active as a protector of several communities of Indigenous Foundation education, agriculture, artists and cultural in Sumedang 

08 Oktober 2014