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Born in Langsa, Aceh June 6, 1980, Fachrul Razi is the politicians who have the determination to develop Aceh. Before entering the political scene of Indonesia, this man who graduated from the University of Indonesia, has been more active in the region, such as being involved in Scouting for emergency response during the earthquake of Gayo. He raised action without distinction of race and location, Fachrul broke through the Ketol Isolation to send aid for the victims.

Fachrul, before becoming a Senator with a total of 345 915 voters, has been active as a cadre of Aceh Party and really understand Aceh, for example the Helsinki MoU that becomes his guide to rebuild Aceh in the future, with 3 other Senators from Aceh, Fachrul hoped every aspiration that comes from Aceh can be followed up by the central government, therefore Aceh can be the developed and advanced province. 

01 Oktober 2019