Herry Erfian S.T.

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Bangka Belitung Island was once a British Colony in 1812 and was known as the "Duke of Island". Its inhabitants are called the Malay Bangka Belitung. The Province's economy is supported by agriculture, mining and quarrying. Similar to other regions, royalties recieved from the Central Government in the form of DAU and DAK is very limited, therefore it becomes the subject of "struggle " for Senator Herry Erfian, ST, who is a  member of Commitee IV House of Regional Representatives (DPD) RI.

"I will struggle for the law in this committee IV," said Senator Herry Erfian who was born in Pangkalpinang, February 15, 1968 while being interviewed in his office during the breaks of the Plenary Session on leadership election. Based on the work discussion for the senators from each province, Senator Herry Erfian got the mandate to carry out the task of Commitee IV. The assignments for Committee IV will interact more with the regional government and related agencies, primarily Dipenda and Bappeda. In Committee IV DPD RI, the senators struggle for the increased financial balance between central and regional governments, as well as additional development budget in the region.

Senator Herry Erfian is an expert staff of the previous DPD RI members and was elected in legislative elections in 2014 to become Indonesian Senator in 2014-2019

12 Oktober 2014