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Instiawati Ayus SH., M.H. born in Bengkalis, on May 4, 1968, is a senator who represents the province of Riau by a vote of 352 603. Daughter of Riau Merdeka Commander, H. Asman Yunus and grandson of the 4th Mayor Pekanbaru Muhammad Yunus (June 1, 1956 - May 14, 1958) is the leader of the biggest community organization of Malay in Riau  called United Malays Group Paramilitary Commander Malay Riau (RMB -LHMR) which consists of more than 100 thousand people.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Law from the Islamic University of Riau in 1992. Then she took a Master degree in Law at the Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta in 2004. Instiawati has held various positions in organizations which are:
1. The coach of GEMA NUSANTARA Anti-Drugs, Dumai;
2. The Members of Forum MD2 Riau,
3. The Trustees of Sapulidi Center, Pekanbaru;
4. The Executive Director of Koran Recitation House;
6. The Board Chairman of Trustees Student Green Team;
7. The Board Trustees of the Institute of Resource Assessment and Development of Riau;
8. The Founder & Member Lists Lawyer Club;
9. The Head of the Tourism Industry Strategic Studies Riau Tourism Board;
10. The Legal Affairs and Human Rights Community Leaders of Communications Riau Forum (FKPMR);
11. The Chairman of the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Association of Concerned Women Malay Riau (P3MR);
12. The Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the United Malays Group Paramilitary Commander Malay Riau (RMB-LHMR);
13. The Founder & Initiator Main Datin Clumps Central Executive Board of the United Malays-Army commanders Riau Malay (RMB-LHMR);
14. The Director of Legal Affairs TOPPAN RI;
15. The Legal Affairs of the Civil Society  Association of Riau;
16. The Members of the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) Riau;
17. The Commissioner Board of Indonesian Advocates Association (AAI);
18. The Alumni Association (IKA) UIR;
19. The Treasurer of Division of the Inter-Nations Cooperation Riau Corruption Watch (RCW);
20. The Treasurer of KB ALDAMA FH UIR;
21. The Secretary General of the Legal Aid Foundation Riau;
22. The Secretary of BPM FH UIR.

01 Oktober 2019