Jacob Esau Komigi, S.H., M.M.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 83619

Jacob Esau Komigi, SH, M.M. born in Sorong, on January 4, 1968 is a Senator of West Papua Province by the acquisition of 83 619 votes,

Prior to joining DPD RI Jacob worked at BNI as BNI Services Office Leader in Sorong Branch.

Some organizations he had attended, among others:
1. The Chairman of PAM GKI Klasis Sorong in 1997-2000;
2. The Chairman of Student Association of North Sulawesi Sorong in 2003-2005;
3. The Chairman of Sports and Youth Golkar Sorong in 2000-2005;
4. The Deputy Secretary of Golkar Party Sorong in 2004-2009;
5. The Vice Chairman of Legal Affairs DPD KNPI Sorong in 2007-2010;
6. The Head of Delegation of the Province of West Papua in order to Youth Exchange in Indonesia in 2009 in Landak, West Kalimantan;
7. The Selection Team Member of MRP-West Papua, for Korwil Sorong and Raja Ampat 2002;
8. The Caretaker Chairman of DPD KNPI Sorong 2012-2013.

08 Oktober 2014