Muh. Asri Anas

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 58154

Muh. Asri Anas born in Pare-Pare, on July 12, 1975 is the Senator of West Sulawesi, and has become the DPD RI Senator for two times in a row, which are in 2009-2014 and in 2014-2019 by gaining 58 154 votes.

This senator, who is called Asri, is married with A. Ice Fadriani Nur, SE., Ak who is the youngest daughter of Drs. H. Nur Tahir, former Regent of Sinjai and the First Director of APDN  in South Sulawesi, which is now deceased. Asri has 4 children from the marriage with the late A. Ice Fadriani Nur who was known as the assistant governor of the region IV covering Mamuju, Polewali Mandar and Majene.

Asri began to show his talents of leadership when he was a student in Hasanuddin University, in 1995-1996 Asri became The Tauladan (Model Figure) in Faculty of Arts Students, The Tauladan Student of Hasanuddin University in 1996-1997, ASEAN Young Student Debate Champion in Malaysia in 1996, and graduated with a 3.6 GPA. After that, Asri was graduated from Training National Defence, following the National Youth Defense and has followed the Business Forum of the Academic-Training including 68 National Forum / training and business management in 8 countries as well as a speaker in a national forum, regional and local in economic, business, and management including politics.

Asri's employment history : Coordinator Program of Voters Education USAID / FIK W, Sulawesi in 1999-2002, Coordinator of YAPPIKA FIK-ORNO.P South Sulawesi in 2001-2002, Director of Marketing Trikarsa Putra Buana INTIM Territory in 2003-2004, Director of PERUSDA POLEWELI MANDAR in 2004-2006, Director of CV, AZ Corp. South Sulawesi in 2000-2009, Commissioner of PT. Sulbar Bersinar West Sulawesi in 2007-2010, Founder of the Foundation Bakau Indonesia West Sulawesi in 2008 until present.

Asri's Organization Experience : Chairman of the Student Association of the Faculty of Literature Unhas in 1994-1995, Chairman of HMI Commissioner the Faculty of Literature Unhas , Chairman of Korkom HMI of Hasanuddin University in 1996-1997, Chairman of HMI branch Makassar South Sulawesi in 1997-1999, Chairman of the Student Senate Faculty of Letters Unhas in 1996-1997, Chairman of the Presidium of the Student Senate all over Sulawesi in 1997-1998, Board of  DPD KNPI South Sulawesi in 2001-2003, Chairman of KNPI South Sulawesi in 2004-2007, Chairman of ICMI Masika South Sulawesi in 1999-2000, Secretary-General of PDK Kosgoro 1957 West Sulawesi in 2006-2009, Chairman of DPD KNPI West Sulawesi in  2006-2009, Chairman of BKPRMI West Sulawesi in 2006-2009, Chairman of BPD HIPMI West Sulawesi in 2008-2011, Board Chairman of Central Executive KNPI in 2009-2011, Chamber of Commerce Board West Sulawesi in 2007-2009, Chairman of PSSI West Sulawesi in 2006-2010, Chairman of HKTI West Sulawesi in 2009-2011, Chairman of ARDIN West Sulawesi in 2010-2011.

Asri's principle of life "praying five times as an obligation that should not be abandoned and nothing that could not be achieved if it is based on a strong determination, hard work, prayer and worship".

17 Oktober 2014