Hj. Nurmawati Dewi Bantilan, S.E.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 135845

Hj. Nurmawati Dewi Bantilan, S.E., born in Yogyakarta, September 16, 1971 is a Senator of Central Sulawesi province with the acquisition of 135 845 votes. Nurmawati had been elected as Senator of DPD RI for three consecutive periods namely in the period of 2004-2009, 2009-2014, and 2014-2019.

The daughter of the former Regent of Tolitoli, H. Ma'Ruf Bantilan is also known as one of the announcer of a community organization called Barisan Indonesia.

Nurmawati is known as the female figures of Central Sulawesi with a slogan "Learn and Pray", understand good leadership and trusted in keeping the thoughts, attitudes and actions. Those are things which precisely shape her personality, so that her simplicity is an authentic identity of her daily life.

Her formal education are SDN (Public Elementary School) Pembina of Tolitoli, SMP (Public Junior High School) Negeri 1 of Tolitoli, SMA (Public Senior High School) 1 of Tolitoli and studied at the Faculty of Economics Department of the University of Development Studies Tadulako, Palu and had her Master's degree in Faculty of Law of Christian University of Indonesia.

Employment history of Nurmawati, among others :
1. Supervision Service Quality PT. Telkomsel Regional Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua in Makasar in 2003-2004;
2. Commerce Specialist PT. Telkomsel Regional Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua in Napier in 2003;
3. Chairman of PT. Telkomsel Palu, Central Sulawesi in 1997-2003;
4. Chairman of DPP KNPI Central Sulawesi, in 2001-2004;
5. Chairman of DPP KNPI Regional Autonomy in 2006-2008;
6. Vice-Chairman of DPP AMPI Central Sulawesi province in 2001-2006;
7. Chairman Compartment of Transportation / Transportation and Operation / Promotion of BPD HIPMI Association Central Sulawesi in 2001-2004;
8. Central Board Treasurer of FKGM BT Central Sulawesi in 1989-2004;
9. Board Member Code of Ethics Union Beauty Shop International, Palu Branch in 2000-2004;
10. Deklarator & Chairman of DPP BARINDO Central Sulawesi;
11. Board of Trustees of Central Sulawesi PKAD Central Board, in 1999-2003;
12. Deputy Treasurer DPD KNPI Central Sulawesi in 1989-2001;
13. Deputy Treasurer of the Association of Motor Indonesia (IMI) Central Sulawesi, in 2000;
14. Vice Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Women's Role in Palu, 2000;
15. Board of Alumni Association (IKA) Taduloka University in 1999;
16. Vice-Chairman of DPC Pemuda Pancasila Palu, in 1989;
17. Deputy Head of Youth and Sports DPW Pemuda Pancasila Central Sulawesi in 1989;
18. Deputy Treasurer of KARPEM Palu city in 1989;
19. Head of Sports and Role of Women; 
20. GEMA MKGR of Central Sulawesi Province; 
21. Youth Tolitoli Achievement in the Field of National Politics of KNPI, Toli Toli, Central Sulawesi, in 2008.

Awards won by Nurmawati, among others, Tolitoli Youth Achievement in National Political Affairs of KNPI Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi, in 2008, Golden PIN Award of Concord Family  South Sulawesi (KKSS) in Politics, in 2008, Inspiring Women Award from DPW PKS Central Sulawesi in Women Division, 2008

With a variety of experiences above and as a member of DPD RI, she hoped the great mandate of the people entrusted to her will be well accounted.

17 Oktober 2014