Oni Suwarman, A.Md.

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Oni Suwarman or familiarly called Oni SOS came to Senayan to be a Senator of 2014 - 2019 period. Oni who came from West Java Province won the highest votes than other elected candidates with 2,167,485 votes. Born in Subang, March 5, 1978, Oni has a mission to raise the Sundanese culture which still has minimal promotion compared to other cultures.

This father with 2 children admired the figure of Kabayan which represents the citizens of West Java that acknowledged impartiality and good intentions. The nature which is now rarely found among representatives of the people. As representatives of the people, Oni promised to go down to the field. It was done for mapping the infrastructure development in the village that are mostly abandoned. Indeed, the presence of the regional representatives as the representation to fight for equitable development which is highly desirable by the community.

Moreover, the desire to do something that represents the community was realized by forming a youth organization. With the institution that embodies the nonoman Sunda, it empowered the potential of every youth. The dream is not just a figment, because so far he has an extensive network.

"The young generation will be empowered in the creative economy sector. With so many young people who ngaronjatkeun art and culture, they will love their country more, cinta ka lemah cai," said this devotee of playing chess. 

08 Oktober 2014