Parlindungan Purba, S.H., M.M.

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Parlindungan Purba, SH, M.M. is a Senator who was born in Medan, October 22, 1963. Parlindungan Purba is known to be active in various organizations as follows:
1. Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO) North Sumatera;
2. Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Blood Donors (PDDI) North Sumatera;
3. Chairman of the National Movement for Social Concern (GNKS) North Sumatera;
4. Chairman of DK3W North Sumatera (Board of Health and Safety at Work);
5. Advisory of YPCI North Sumatera (Indonesia Disabled Foundation);
6. Presidium Alumni of GMNI (Indonesian National Student Movement) Central;
7. Vice-Chairman of the Presidium Partuha Maujana Simelungun (PMS) Centre and Chairman of Forum Communications Toga Simamora Boru / Bere Sumatra.

Parlindungan Purba was re-elected as members of DPD RI North Sumatera Province-year period 2009 - 2014 with the acquisition of 440 032 votes. Several awards achieved by Parlindungan Purba, namely: Pioneer Youth National Level in 1994, Anugerah Bakti Guru in 2007, Social Day Medal in 2008.

12 Oktober 2014