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Before working in the world of politics by becoming a Senator who represents the province of Aceh, rafli is a person who loves art and as an artist, Rafli often incorporates elements of culture in his songs. Born in South Aceh, August 1, 1967, Rafli passed through Senayan by recieving 134.509 votes.

According to him, singing and composing songs as an effort to maintain the culture, especially in the context of Aceh. For him, culture is an important instrument of change in the region.

According to him, the cultural approach can bring out the Inner Reconciliation. He said the inner reconciliation will make all the dimensions to be able to think clearly and comprehensively. Now after becoming Senator, Rafli hopes to contribute in developing Aceh from various aspects, including its culture. 

06 Oktober 2014

Syafruddin A Dj
12 Oktober 2014 20:24:34

"Selamat kami ucapkan kepada Kakanda Rafly Kande, duduk di Komite II, membidangi pertanian dan perkebunan, perhubungan, kelautan dan perikanan, energi dan sumber"