Dr. H. Sulistyo, M.Pd.

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"Our education recieves a mandate to educate the nation. That is why education should occupy a very important role in this country" said Sulistyo firmly who is also Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI). 

Dr H. Sulistyo, M.Pd is a person who expects education sector to be prioritized for the development of the nation. Education according to Sulistyo is the heart of the nation that will determine the fate of this nation in the future. 

Vital sectors such as Agriculture, Marine, Fishing, Plantation, Forestry, Cooperative sector, and other sectors of society will give added value to the community if they are managed by a professional and qualified human resources. Professionalism and quality that can only be achieved through the development of qualified education as well.

Therefore, Sulistyo who is re-elected as Senator in the period 2014-2019 wished that through the DPD, his goal in creating the qualified education in Indonesia can be achieved. 

This man who once born in Banjarnegara, February 12, 1962 has once more represents the Central Java by gaining 1,246,129 votes with 3 other senators from the same province, namely Denty Eka Widi Pratama, Bambang Sadono, and Achmad Muqowam.

08 Oktober 2014