Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta held breaking fast with about 100 journalists who are members of the Coordinator of Parliamentary Journalist at his residence, Jl. North Karang Tengah No.34, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday, 7/6/2018.

This fasting break is attended by journalists from various print, electronic and online media. The opportunity to break the fast is even used by a number of journalists to ask questions related to things that are in the public spotlight.

One of them, journalist from Banjarmasin Post, Murjani who questioned about Oesman Sapta who never made a visit abroad during elected chairman of DPD RI.

Responding to that, Oesman Sapta said that for 13 years DPD RI has not produced something that is beneficial to the people, so it is considered not necessary to conduct work visits abroad.

"We recommend that members of DPD RI do more work visits to the regions, because DPD RI works for the region. If it needs to know something about the outside world, it can call the embassy to come," he said

Unlike Murjani, a journalist from Sinar Indonesia Baru, Jamida asked about the presidential candidate of Hanura Party's choice for presidential election (Pilpres) 2019. "Whether the Hanura Party will carry the names of candidates who have been circulating in the public or have other candidates," she said.

Oesman Sapta said the Hanura party is consistent to support President Joko Widodo to resume as President, while for the vice-president candidate will be handed over to the president to choose a companion who can be invited to work together.

"I believe that President Jokowi is smart, we take him for trivial people, but he is a slippery person, he is smart, pleases everyone but can beat people while laughing. He knows when to do political steps, I do not want to wondering, but Hanura is consistent in supporting him a second time, "he said.

Meanwhile, Rizal Siregar from Warta Kota asked about whether Oesman Sapta wants to come forward to become a presidential candidate. "I'm handsome, just ask my wife, but I do not have the cut to be president, so I'd better not preventing embarrassment," he said.

On the same occasion, journalist Fredy Batari of JPNN.com questioned the government's policy in giving the Anniversary Allowance (THR) to the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) which was considered to burden the regional government's finances. In response, Oesman Sapta said that the right is the duty of the Ministry of Home Affairs to be able to protect the guidance, because the government does not suffer losses to the state and THR recipients have not seen any losses. "We can not say wrong or not to this policy, please give feedback to me, what conclusions should I convey to the government, because this is new stuff," he explained.

At the end of the event, the Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta closed the meeting by congratulating the festival and apologizing to the incoming journalists. He hoped journalists can celebrate Eid with the family in good health. * Tho


07 Juni 2018