dpd.go.id, MANADO - To add domestic tourists and especially international tourists, Manado must have a new flight route.

This was stated by Vice Chairman of Committee II of DPD RI, I Kadek Arimbawa during a field review of Committee II in order to oversee the implementation of Act No. 1 Year 2009 on flights, at Sam Ratu Langi Airport, Manado on Monday (27/11/2017).

Kadek hoped that flight destinations from Manado can be added.

"Today, we got information from the Angkasa Pura Manado that the destination route from Manado to Kuala Lumpur and the reverse direction is already there, I hope the destination can be added to make it easier for the people here," he explained.

I Kadek Arimbawa also highlighted the aspects of safety, security, and flight quality.

According to Kadek, Angkasa Pura has made good efforts to improve flight quality in Manado.

"I appreciate what the inhabitants of Manado have done, because they have done some repairs and checks that make passengers comfortable like floor repairs, guaranteeing the quality of wifi at the airport, routinely conducting aircraft flight tests, and still prioritizing security levels with x-ray scans layered, "he said.

On the same occasion according to General Manager Sam Ratu Langi Airport, Minggus Gandeguai, the airport will expand its facility space for flight needs

"Currently the airport building area is about 26,000 m2, in the future we will improve the infrastructure of the airport by processing the land of about 4,000m2 again so if it is completed then the airport area that can be enjoyed is 30.000 m2 including the separation of domestic and international flights," he explained.

Meanwhile DPD RI, Senator Marhany Pua said that the problem of aviation in the region became a case for national airlines to formulate solutions in aviation problems.

"Flight problems must be addressed at the local level, making it easier to track potential causes of accidents in air transportation in Indonesia over the past 5 years," he said while visiting the Sam Ratulangi Airport.

At the end of the interview, Kadek said that the results of the working visit of Committee II will be discussed at the central level with the relevant ministries.

"The result of the working visit of Committee II with the Angkasa Pura, nav air airport, airport authority 8 and the provincial government, will of course be brought to the central level in meetings with the relevant ministries," he explained.

When asked about the situation of Bali with the threat of Mount Agung eruption, he conveyed his worries.

"I personally and on behalf of the Committee II DPD RI, also worried about the outflow of dust and cold lava experienced by residents in Bali adjacent to Mount Agung, may the Balinese people be patient and Bali can be conducive as soon as possible, and I hope that the residents remain alert so there will be no casualties," said kadek. (Adn)

28 November 2017