Akhmad Muqowam: The Importance of National Insights and Mastery of Technology

Brebes, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Akhmad Muqowam emphasized the importance of understanding the National Insight as a forging process to become a fully Indonesian human being. "Recently the nationality issue is quite alarming as if the Indonesian people forget their identity as Indonesian who has the philosophy of Pancasila and adheres to the 1945 Constitution," Muqowam said in front of hundreds of students participating in the Student Prayer Period (Mapram) Peradaban University,  Brebes, Wednesday (12 / 9).

The Indonesian nation is a diverse and complex nation, continued Muqowam, so that intolerance should not be known at all in student life. Muqowam hoped that the University of Civilization will become a valid laboratory in student life. "Moreover, young people on this campus come from various regions with diverse cultures, religions and beliefs," said this senator of Central Java.

Furthermore, in the rapidly growing digital era, Muqowam advised students to master Information Technology, so that they could respond to various changes that were fast, instant and borderless. "We cannot avoid technological leaps, we must follow, otherwise we will miss and will not be able to have achievements," said Muqowam.

Muqowam said that in order to master technology for its students, the University should provide at least computer usage and free internet access in the campus area. Even though the University of Civilization is in a small town, it is not a problem. "Location is not a problem, with information technology all have the same opportunity, they can access the world though," stated Muqowam.

In closing his remarks, Muqowam advised students to maintain relationships and learn to organize to produce logical and directed ways of thinking. "The organization's goal is that there will be GOALs that will be addressed where the achievements are required to find the most efficient and effective way," he concluded.

  • 12 September 2018