Reflection and Synergy of DPD RI

Bandungan, dpd.go.id - DPD RI held a reflection at the end of 2017 as well as press gathering in Bandungan area, Semarang regency, Central Java. The event was attended by Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta, accompanied by Vice Chairmen of DPD RI, Nono Sampono and Prof. Darmayanti Lubis also Chairman of Committee I, Akhmad Muqowam, Chairman of Committee II, Parlindungan Purba, Chairman of Committee III, Fahira Idris, and Chairman of Committee IV, Ajiep Padindang.

A number of DPD Members and dozens of reporters from print, electronic, and television media also attended the event which took place from Sunday 17 December to Tuesday, December 19, 2017. The event began with a speech from the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta and Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo who was represented by Central Java Regional Secretary, Sri Puryono who then continued with the presentation and discussion of DPD’s year-end reflection. The event was interspersed with outbound activities and visits to the attractions of Gedong Songo Temple also received dinner invitations from the Regent of Semarang, Mundjirin in Pendopo of Semarang Regency.

Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia, Oesman Sapta hoped that in 2018 DPD RI members will have a sense of togetherness to fight for the interests of the regions. He said in the year 2017, the DPD RI had not produced much performance that can touch the local community. "There are small things that have been produced but not yet comparable with the interests of the community, therefore we need a national awareness that the DPD RI is the order of the Constitution," said Oesman Sapta when opening a series of DPD RI’s reflections.

Oesman Sapta reminded that the importance of DPD RI’s existence is for the progress of Indonesia. According to Oesman Sapta, Indonesia's prosperity will be realized if the region is prosperous, because DPD RI wants regions to be developed, provide jobs, and build infrastructure. "I am sure Indonesia will prosper, the media can catch this signal and convey to the region, we just encourage them, we sincerely raise each region, but what is the point if the media do not voice it," said this senator from West Kalimantan.

Oesman also expected the support of mass media to socialize the performance of DPD RI to the remote communities. He also said DPD RI will not rise if the press does not empower it. "I urge the press to express sincerely and honestly about the existence and authority of DPD RI, the needs of DPD, the community needs of DPD in the region, and the representation of DPD," said Oesman in front of dozens of DPD members and journalists.

Meanwhile, Interim Secretary General of DPD RI, Ma'ruf Cahyono said the event reflection at the end of the year as well as gathering members of DPD RI with the media is very important to establish friendship between Senator DPD RI with the press. Hopefully, the media can take various perspectives about DPD, because the Organ’s Leadership discussion event will deliver the achievements in the year 2017 and the target next year. "The outbound event that will be held is also made to build closeness and close relationship between the media with senators of DPD RI," he said.


Achievement and Target of DPD RI

At the discussion at the gathering event, each of the organ’s leaders presented their performance in 2017 and the target that will be achieved in 2018. Chairman of Committee I, Akhmad Muqowam explained that the strategic issues that become the focus of the discussion of Committee I in 2017 are: Implementation of Act No. 6 Year 2014 on Villages, Implementation of Agrarian Reform Program, the Bill on Regional Regions, Regional Arrangement and 2018 Regional Election and 2019 General Election.

Committee I considered that there are still many problems in the implementation of the Act. For example, the Villages Act still has regulation problems in the form of implementing regulations under the Village Law starting from Governmental Regulation/PP, Presidential Regulation/Perpres, and Ministerial Regulation/Permen are not synchronous and harmonious "causing confusion of interpretation and confusion in implementation," explained Muqowam.

Furthermore, Vice Chairman of Committee II, Aji Muhammad Mirza Wardana explained that Committee II is currently working on the Geology and Renewable Energy (EBT) Act. Committee II also supervises the Food Act and Aviation Act. "We see transportation in the region is very minimal, especially the inland areas," said this senator of East Kalimantan..

Chairman of Committee II, Parlindungan Purba added that Committee II also focus on agriculture, especially fertilizer subsidy. "We are commited directly to agriculture, in fact, if the minister of agriculture goes to the region, it will be including us," said this North Sumatera senator.

Furthermore, Chairwoman of Committee III, Fahira Idris described the achievements: produce the draft bill on Family Resilience, Supervision over Implementation of Act Number 13 Year 2008 on Hajj Implementation, Supervision over the implementation of Act No.39 Year 2004 on Placement and Protection of Migrant Workers, the DPD RI’s View for the submission of the Elimination of Sexual Violence Bill from the House of Representatives, the DPD's views on the National Science and Technology System Bill, the DPD RI’s Monitoring Results on the implementation of Act No.38 Year 2014 on Nursing, and the results of DPD RI’s supervision over the implementation of Act No.35 Year 2009 about Narcotics.

Fahira continued, the program plan of the Committee III in 2018 will initiate the formation of the Patient Protection Bill and the Bill on Amendment of Teachers and Lecturers Act. The Teachers and Lecturers Act is urged to be changed in view of the new paradigm related to the development of teacher professions and lecturers that increasingly demand the clarity of conceptions and strategies as a way to accelerate both in terms of competence and welfare and the legal protection of practices that threaten the teachers and lecturers. "Meanwhile, the patient protection bill needs to protect the patient from malpractice threats and to have clarity on the behavior of medical personnel," explained Fahira Idris.

Then the last presentation was Ajiep Padindang, Chairman of Committee 4, who conveyed the focus of its Committee, namely the need for a new formulation of General Allocation Funds to become Regional Transfer Funds, the Act on State Finance, the supervision on the implementation of BUMN Act, the follow-up of BPK RI. Specifically regarding the state-owned enterprises (BUMN), Ajiep said that the thing to watch out for is the privatization of state-owned enterprises that will indirectly erode the assets of state-owned enterprises. "The merger of BUMN was made a holding company and then cooperated with outside investors and diverted its HGU," explained Ajiep. (adv)


19 Desember 2017