Gamawan Fauzi: Our Closest Brother is DPD

Minister of the Interior (Mendagri) Gamawan Fauzi promised partnership between the House of Regional Representative (DPD) with the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemdagri). Referring to Article 222 of Act 32/2004, each member of DPD had to fight for the interests of the region while strengthening cooperation with Kemdagri, because the coordination of governance in the region is carried out by the Minister of Home Affairs.

“DPD is our partner. Our closest brother is DPD," he said responding to members of Committee I DPD Ferry FX Tinggogoy (DPD member from North Sulawesi) and I Wayan Sudirta (Bali) in the conference room of Committee I DPD on the 2nd floor of DPD Building Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (20/1). Committee I DPD are welcome to explore regional issues, concerning the policy that have been, are being, and will be done by Kemdagri.

Sense of the word partner is a friend, spouse, colleague. Thus, the partnership is a relationship or link between the first and second parties in the same level, based on mutual trust, mutual collaboration, and mutual respect.

Not long after working meeting (raker) started, Ferry and Wayan interrupted. For Ferry, Committee I DPD was having difficulties to meet the Home Minister, while many regional issues has been resolved. Thus, the meeting time should be extended. “There are desires for the Minister to allocate more time. Many are willing to talk. If today the Minister sacrifices for DPD, with God willing, it will be accepted by Him," said Ferry.

Wayan strengthened Ferry statements. "If sought, the closest Ministry that is closely related to DPD is Kemdagri. If being reversed, the nearest state agency and is closely related to Kemdagri is DPD. Hence, this precious meeting should not be wasted. Too often invited the Home Minister is also not good, this opportunity has finally come."

DPD rarely invites interior minister rather than DPR. Therefore, Wayan asked Home Minister to be flexible, so did the leaders of the Committee I DPD does not restrict talk Committee I DPD. Agree with Ferry, if the regionalism issue is not resolved, many people will question the existence of DPD.

He asked the same perceptions and commitment. If the members of the Committee I DPD uncover the regional issues then Kemdagri officials must respond. In contrast, the officials of the National Land Agency (BPN) previously did not respond to the problems revealed by members of the Committee I DPD.

“I’m disappointed. When the officials come to DPD, they were very polite and appreciate us. However, once a member of DPD go to the BPN Office, they become feudal and incredibly arrogant. It has not been 24 hours of experiencing it."

Armed with that experience, if DPD visit Kemdagri, Wayan asked officials of Kemdagri not to treat DPD member similar to those incredible state officials. “We should be treated normally. But, officials should not be feudal and ac arrogant. The incident should not happen again. "

Responded to it, Gamawan said, "With God willing, I promise, if Mr. Wayan come to our office, he will be treated like other state officials. All members of DPD will be treated as state officials."

Moreover, the existence of DPD as state officials called the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 that the honor as a member of DPD is guaranteed. “It will not happen in our office as what Mr. Wayan fear of. If it happens, report it to me. I assure you. "

The additional information is still needed, especially strategic issues and principled; therefore, Committee I DPD will re-schedule the meeting with the Minister of Home Affairs. “The meeting today is a follow-up meeting," said Chairman of Committee I DPD Farouk Muhammad (West Nusa Tenggara). Unlike usual, the meeting time is from morning until Asr prayer. Typically, the meeting starts early and ends before the midday prayer.

Farouk hoped, if there are technical problems with the director general of the settlement. Committee I DPD found many regional issues such as regional autonomy, the regional head and deputy head of the regional, spatial, land, and single identity number (SIN). "Various issues that require serious attention and resolution," he said.

Wayan also stressed out, the first five years as a member of DPD he was disappointed everytime he completed a working meeting with the minister. “How come in every meeting has a short time. Questions thrown, expectations conveyed, but the answer of the minister is normative without any follow-up," he said. He hoped that the meeting this time will effectively and efficiently resolve issues.

He said many members of DPD in last period who has good qualifications is not re-elected at the next election because in every working meeting with relevant ministers, they did not produce solutions that solve problems in the regions. “Why? It is because the aspiration is not resolved. In the region, we were billed. In fact, friends who conveyed the aspirations were not making it up. "

Gamawan promised, every problem in the region revealed by DPD will be followed by Kemendagri. And, a follow-up agreement between DPD and the Ministry of Home Affairs will be evaluated in the next work meeting so the implementation is managed and the completion is reached. "If I promise (further action) three months, we evaluate (implementation). If I promise six months, we are evaluating. So, it will not slip away. "

Ferry also mentioned if DPD held a meeting with stakeholders in the region in accordance with the Act No. 27 Year 2009 on the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD. Since March 2010 DPD will soon be working in the region; therefore it is necessary for the implementation instructions of legislation that govern the meeting. “The question is, if we now go to the region, we will be welcomed by governor, regent / mayor?"

On the occasion, Gamawan admitted Kemdagri still a civil servant in West Sumatera. He started his career as an office staff of the Directorate of Social Politics (Ditsospol) Provincial Government (Provincial) West Sumatera, Secretary of the Governor in Minang, to become Head of Public Relations Government of West Sumatera.

Then, Regent of Solok, was re-elected by Solok regent, becoming Governor of West Sumatera, and “ promoted “ to Minister of Internal Affairs, or the ambitions ideals commonly held a civil service. “I am among the lucky officer. During the past 10 years, I experienced the era of five presidents since Suharto era until Yudhoyono. Not many regents are like me, "said Vita Nova’s husband who was born in Solok, West Sumatera, 9 November 1957.

Graduates of the Faculty of Law and Master of Public Policy Faculty of Economics, University of Andalas (Unand) also feel lucky because three models follow the local election since the New Order era when nyalon became regent, the reform era with a multiparty system selected by the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD), and election of Governor of West Sumatera are elected directly by the people.

For Gamawan, the first visit to DPD Building. Time ago, the Chairman of the Committee I DPD invited the interior minister but was unable to finish because of the middle 100-day program of United Indonesia Cabinet (KIB). Compelled, o December 8, 2010, Committee I DPD the meeting with the Director General of Regional Autonomy Kemdagri Sodjuangan Situmorang.

22 Juni 2010