Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI considers that regulations governing funds for profit sharing of oil palm plantations in Indonesia must be reviewed because they do not reflect a sense of justice, fairness and equality between the Central Government and the Regions as producers of the oil palm industry division. The solution offered by DPD RI is the need to revise the Act No. 33 Year 2004 concerning Financial Balance between the Central Government and Regional Governments.  
DPD RI and Ombudsman RI Discuss the Community Participation Bill 16 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Community participation and public information disclosure have urgency in the role of state administration. This was discussed by the Bill Drafting Committee (PPUU) DPD RI during a Hearing with the Republic of Indonesia OMBUDSMAN and the Central Information Commission (KIP) of the Republic of Indonesia on the iventory of material of the Community Participation Bill, in the DPD RI Building Senayan Jakarta, Thursday, May 16, 2019.  
Doing Iftar with the President, Chairman of DPD RI Expects Ramadhan to Bring Blessings 15 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia, Oesman Sapta conducted an iftar with the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo and other state institution leaders. In his speech, Oesman Sapta expressed his gratitude for the presence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia who had been willing to break the fast or iftar together at his residence for the fourth time. Even though this time became the last iftar in his leadership in the DPD RI, Oesman Sapta hoped that President Jokowi woul
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The high circulation and abuse of narcotics is an urgent reason to revise Act No. 35 about Narcotics. One of the points proposed in the Act is to increase the portion of prevention rather than eradication efforts. This was conveyed by a member of Committee III DPD RI, Abdul Azis Kafia at a Public Hearing (RDPU) with a number of drug activists on Tuesday (14/5). Abdul Azis explained that the current condition of the estate with the acceleration of information requires more appropriate laws with the current conditions. Acc
Create Safe Transportation, the DPD RI Discussed Changes to the LLAJ Law 14 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI held a Public Hearing (RDPU) with the Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation to discuss the Amendment Bill on Act No. 22 Year 2009 concerning Road Transport Traffic. In the Hearing, Committee II conducted an inventory of problems in the field of transportation to be included as material for the Bill. One area highlighted by Committee II is about comfort and safety for the community as consumers of online transportation. In the Public Hearing held on Tuesday (14/5)
There is no reason for SITUNG to be stopped 08 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI Directly reviews the General Election Commission Information System (KITUNG) of the Indonesian Election Commission (KPU) and proves that there is no attempt by the KPU to intentionally benefit certain parties who contested in the 2019 Simultaneous Election. If there is a data input error, the percentage is not more than 0.05%. Therefore, Committee I DPD RI assesses there is no reason to close SITUNG and supports it to continue. This was carried out as a series of oversight tasks of the DPD RI on the imple
DPD RI Measures the 2019 Simultaneous Election as Successful 07 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI measures the implementation of the 2019 Simultaneous Election as successful, orderly, safe and peaceful by evaluating regulations so that the implementation of the election in the future is better. In addition, DPD RI also invites all parties to respect the legal instruments and constitutions adopted by our country. This was revealed in the working meeting of the DPD RI leaders, Committee I DPD RI with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Kemenkumham, Kejagung, BIN, TNI and Polri at GBHN Nusantara V Meeting Room Parliament
DPD RI Encourages the Spa Workers to Go International for Health Not Entertainment 07 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI hopes the government will immediately provide a clear legal umbrella for Indonesian migrant workers in the spa or therapist sector. In fact, the Act No. 18 Year 2017 concerning the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers has not given hope to spa workers or therapists. Although this profession is often considered to have a negative connotation, the spa actually has health benefits. In fact, the demand for spa workers or therapists both at home and abroad increases every year. "Act Number 18 Year
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Regional Legislation Affairs Committee (PULD) of DPD RI received a visit from the Pamekasan DPRD in the context of consultations related to increasing insights for the effectiveness of the performance and acceleration of the tasks and functions of the DPRD. The meeting which took place in the PULD Meeting Room, Building A of DPD RI, Parliament Complex of Senayan, Tuesday (30/4/19) was led by PULD Member of DPD RI, Abdul Qadir Amir Hartono. Abdul Qadir explained that the DPD RI has the authority to monitor and evaluat
DPD RI Asks All Parties to Realize Peaceful Elections 30 April 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia hopes that all elements of society can hold back and remain committed to realizing a conducive and peaceful election. Despite various problems in the implementation of the election, the DPD RI invites all parties to respect legal and constitutional instruments in Indonesia. "The euphoria of winning claim from each candidate is interpreted as something natural and should not be interfered with political, economic and security stability in the country,
DPD RI Secretariat General Denies Occupying the Highest Rank of Corruption Actors 28 April 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Deputy for Administration of the Secretariat General of DPD RI, Adam Bachtiar, denied the news published by NTTterkini.com that the DPR RI and the DPD RI were ranked highest in corruption perpetrators. As is known, the news published on NTTTKINI.com dated March 21 2019, based on the statement of the Deputy of Prevention of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Roro Sulistiowati, who said that members of DPR RI and DPD RI were the highest ranking perpetrators of corruption, while in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. "
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Chairman of the House of Regional Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia, Oesman Sapta, held a meeting to discuss increasing Russian investment in Indonesia. Russia appreciates the implementation of good elections, so that investment cooperation in Indonesia needs to be improved. In his meeting with the Ambassador of Russia, Lyudmila Georgievna Vorobiev, at the DPD RI Chairman office, Kuningan, Jakarta (24/4), Oesman Sapta explained that Russia was committed to increasing investment in Indonesia.
Secretary General of DPD RI: KORPRI Must Support Bureaucratic Reform 23 April 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Secretary General of DPD RI, Reydonnyzar Moenek as Chairman of the National KORPRI Management Board confirmed the KORPRI Board of Management of MPR RI Secretariat General for 2019-2024. The inauguration was held at Nusantara V Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/4). Reydonnyzar said the KORPRI organization, which numbered 4.3 million members, was the organization of the Republic of Indonesia Employees. Then it is expected to unite and accommodate the aspirations of all the employees of the Republic of Indonesia in
DPD RI Seeks Ideal Format for Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Regulation Drafts and Regional Regulations 11 April 2019
Semarang, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) event in the framework of finding the ideal format related to the implementation of the new DPD RI's duties in monitoring and evaluating the Regional Regulation Draft (Raperda) and Regional Regulations (Perda). Vice Chairman of DPD RI Akhmad Muqowam conveyed an order from the Law concerning the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD3) which gave new authority to DPD RI, namely monitoring and evaluating Raperda and
BKSP DPD RI Receives Visit from the Ambassador of Slovakia to Indonesia 29 Maret 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - On Friday, March 29, 2019 Ambassador of Slovakia to Indonesia, Mr. Jaroslav Chlebo visited the Committee for Parliamentary Cooperation DPD RI. This visit was a form of follow-up from the visit of the delegation of BKSP DPD RI to Slovakia on March 11-17. His Excellency the Ambassador was received by the Chairwoman of the Delegation Visit of BKSP DPD RI to Slovakia, Mrs. Emma Yohana accompanied by BKSP members Prof. Farouk Muhammad (NTB), Mr. H. Abu Bakar Djamalia (Jambi) and DPD Member from West Papua Province, Mr. Chaidir D