The Secretariat General of DPD RI Realizes the Accountability of Archive Management


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Secretariat General of DPD RI held an exit meeting regarding the presentation and signatory to the Minutes of Provisional Audit Results. The activity was carried out to realize good and accountable records management within the DPD RI Secretariat General as a government organization.

"Archives have a very important role in the organization and government bureaucracy, such as, the main tools of organizational memory, material or evidence tools (authentic evidence), the basic ingredients of planning and decision making, a barometer of organizational activities because each activity generally produces archives and information material other scientific activities, "said Plh. Secretary General of DPD RI Sefti Ramsiaty at DPD RI Secretariat General Building on Wednesday (27/3).

After the audit, Sefti hoped that every work unit within the DPD Secretariat General would immediately improve the management of archives. She continued, Management of Archives in a government agency is one of the instruments and indicators in performance appraisal by Kemenpan RB.

In the event attended by Plh. Secretary General of DPD RI, Sefti Ramsiaty, Chairperson of the ANRI Archives Monitoring Team Endang Kristiani, echelon II and III officials, as well as all archivists and archival processing officers in each working unit of DPD Secretariat General, explained that the audit was conducted by the Archives Monitoring Team in 2019 , regarding obedience to the legislation in the field of filing in the determination of archival policies, filing programs, inactive file processing, file depreciation, archival human resources, institutions, facilities and infrastructure

In the archive audit supervision activity in 2019, the ANRI supervision team has carried out a series of activities such as the entry meeting with the head of the working unit of DPD Secretary General, verification of files on official regulations, organization, human resources, facilities, infrastructure and documents related to other archives. In addition, the supervision team has also conducted quotes to the Archives Section, Minutes Section and Planning and Finance Bureau, as well as conducting surveys and checking the location of the archives stored in DPD RI.

Chairman of the ANRI Archives Monitoring Team Endang Kristiani said that the regulation of filing at DPD RI Secretariat General was sufficient enough to accommodate the official communication process within DPD RI Secretariat General, also in the aspect of inactive file processing, archival human resources, institutions, facilities and infrastructure.

"Improvements that need to be improved are aspects of the addition of archival programs, destruction of archives in accordance with the Archive Retention Schedule (JRA), archival budget and the establishment of a record center for the archives of DPD RI," explained Endang.

Head of Archives, Library and Issuance of the Secretariat General of DPD RI, Empi Muslion, said that the archival supervision activity was carried out for three days starting from 25-27 March 2019. Archival Supervision Activities at the DPD Secretariat General were mandated by Act No. 43 Year 2009 on Archives and other derivative rules. *




27 Maret 2019