DPD RI Secretariat General Denies Occupying the Highest Rank of Corruption Actors


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Deputy for Administration of the Secretariat General of DPD RI, Adam Bachtiar, denied the news published by NTTterkini.com that the DPR RI and the DPD RI were ranked highest in corruption perpetrators.

As is known, the news published on NTTTKINI.com dated March 21 2019, based on the statement of the Deputy of Prevention of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Roro Sulistiowati, who said that members of DPR RI and DPD RI were the highest ranking perpetrators of corruption, while in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

"Corruption based on profession or the highest ranking position is a member of the DPR-DPD," said Roro as quoted by nttterkini.com.

Adam Bachtiar regretted the news which did not show the balance of the news. The information submitted should be through confirmation to the relevant parties, in this case the DPD RI. "We regret the news because it did not confirm to us. NTTKKETINO should have checked and rechecked the loading of the news, "said Adam Bachtiar at DPD RI Building, Senayan, Jakarta (28/3).

Furthermore, it was said that during the leadership of the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta, there were no members involved in the problem of corruption. Besides that, in this era the DPD RI built transparency, accountability, and good governance. The criminal acts of corruption that occurred in the DPD RI have only happened once, namely when the former Chairman of DPD RI was caught in a bribery case for the purchase of imported sugar. In addition, one of the former members of DPD from North Sumatera Province who was detained by the KPK, but the case occurred when the concerned was a member of DPRD in North Sumatera Province, not when he was a member of DPD RI.

Lebih lanjut, dikatakan bahwa semasa kepemimpinan Ketua DPD RI, Oesman Sapta, tidak ada anggota yang terlibat pada masalah korupsi. Disamping itu, pada era ini DPD RI membangun transparansi, akuntabilitas, dan good governance. Tindak pidana korupsi yang terjadi di DPD RI selama ini hanya terjadi 1 kali, yaitu saat mantan Ketua DPD RI terjerat kasus suap pembelian gula impor. Selain itu, salah satu mantan anggota DPD RI dari Provinsi Sumatera Utara yang ditahan KPK, tetapi kasusmya terjadi pada saat yang bersangkutan menjadi anggota DPRD di Provinsi Sumatera Utara, bukan saat menjadi anggota DPD RI. 

In addition to regretting inaccurate information about DPD RI, Adam Bachtiar also explained that in the news there was also incorrect information. Where in the news, NTTterkini.com explained that Roro Sulistiowati was the Deputy of Prevention of KPK RI. Whereas Roro Wide Sulistyowati was an employee at the KPK who served as Program Coordinator, Directorate of Education and Community Services.

"Based on information retrieval from the Public Relations Secretariat of DPD RI, Mrs. Roro was not serving as KPK Deputy Prevention. The Deputy for Prevention is Mr. Pahala Nainggolan, "Adam Bachtiar said.


28 Maret 2019