DPD RI Maximizes Performance in this Short Session


Jakarta, dpd.go.id – To maximize Performance in this short Third Session Period, the DPD RI has produced 1 piece of DPD's Initiative Proposal Bill, 3 results of  DPD RI's supervision, 1 view and 1 consideration of DPD RI. This was revealed in the 9th Plenary Session of DPD RI, Session III Year 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta. Thursday, February 14, 2019.

"We hope that the results of DPD's political work as part of the political responsibility of DPD RI and the benefits can be felt by the community and the region," said Nono Sampono.

Before returning to the regionduring the recess, the Chairman DPD RI at the closing of the 9th Plenary Session requested that all Members should be more sensitive in responding to various conditions that developed and paid more attention to the implementation of DPD RI's duties and authority, especially in terms of legislation, supervision, budget and representation.

"Considering the short duration of the session, we urge all members, both individually and in the work on organs, to focus more on implementing the functions of legislation, supervision and budget and representation functions, so that the entire agenda can be carried out on time in accordance with the program it has been determined, "stressed Nono Sampono while presiding at the Plenary Session with the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta, Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI Darmayanti Lubis and Akhmad Muqowam.

Meanwhile, the Organs conveyed their reports at the Plenary Session, among others, the Chairman of PPUU, John Pieris, who said that PPUU had discussed and drafted the Draft Bill on Community Participation. Based on input from sources and discussions on the Community Participation Bill, it needs to be adapted to the development of media / technology as a forum for community involvement. "Effective and efficient community involvement in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 by developing the concept of smart society," he said.

According to him, public participation is needed in decision making in either development or policy formation. Therefore, community participation must be clear because so far this has happened in practice. "The form of community participation is diverse and tends to be used to fulfill formal procedural requirements," said this Maluku senator.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Committee II DPD RI Carles Simaremare explained that he had conducted a study and analysis on the Oil and Gas Bill. However, the bill still has several aspects that have not been accommodated in the BUMN Bill. "So far, there has often been a scarcity of gas requirements for the fertilizer industry, power plants, and 3 kg LPG gas," he said.

In addition, the number of disasters that occurred in the region became a serious concern for the Committee II DPD RI as a form of supervision of the implementation of Acr No. 24 Year 2007 concerning Disaster Management. Moreover, many disasters that occured had directly effected to the stability and continuity of development in the region. "Encouraging disaster insurance in the context of recovery and revitalization of infrastructure in disaster areas," Carles said.

On the same occasion, Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Dedi Iskandar Batubara said Committee III DPD RI had initiated a Bill on Patient Protection. Because the balanced arrangement between aspects of patient protection and health workers requires a new legislative framework. "This condition is a strong foundation to form a law specifically regulating patient protection," he explained.

Dedi added that Committee III DPD RI had also compiled considerations on the Islamic Boarding Schools and Religious Education Bill. The drafting program is a continuation of the previous session. "The process of deepening the material has been done since the previous trial period," he explained.

Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI Ajiep Padindang explained that Committee IV had supervised the implementation of Act Number 17 Year 2007 concerning the National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN). The RPJPN is a planning document that contains directions from the development of the 2005-2025 replacement for GBHN. "In the 14 years journey of the enactment of this Act, there have been demands for change. "It is intended that the bill would be able to accommodate the aspirations of regional community development interests," he said.

Ajiep assessed that the development challenges in the regions are the direction of development that can encourage the improvement of people's welfare in the region. The relationship between the central and regional synergies needs to be strengthened and the community is empowered. "The role of the community in the regions further supports the success of national development," he explained.

Meanwhile, vice Chairman of Committee I Fahira Idris said that as a tangible form of DP RI''s partiality to the Region, in addition to drafting the Regional Competitiveness Development Bill, Committee I also supervised the Village Act and the Regional Government Act. 

"The Regional Competitiveness Development Bill is a concrete form of DPD's partiality to the region, and the Law is needed so that we have the power to advance and be competitive in releasing its potential, so as to increase the regional economy," Fahira said.

DPD RI Legislation Products Results Session III Year 2018-2019:
1. Proposed Initiative Bill of DPD RI on Patient Protection (legalized in the 9th Plenary on February 14, 2019)
2. Results of Supervision of DPD RI on the Implementation of Act No.1 Year 2009 concerning Aviation. (legalized in the 9th Plenary on February 14, 2019)
3. Results of Supervision of DPD RI on the Implementation of Act No. 24 Year 2007 concerning Disaster Management. (legalized in the 9th Plenary on February 14, 2019)
4. Results of Supervision of DPD RI on the Implementation of Act No. 17 Year 2007 concerning RPJPN. (legalized in the 9th Plenary on February 14, 2019)
5. Views of DPD RI on the Islamic Boarding Schools and Religious Education Bill (ratified in the 9th Plenary on February 14, 2019)
6. The view of DPD RI on Social Workers (ratified in the 8th Plenary on January 18, 2019). (mas / Fan).


14 Februari 2019