DPD RI Receives Slovak Ambassador


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairwoman of BKSP DPD RI, Emma Yohanna received an audience of the Ambassador from Slovakia JUDr. Jaroslav Chlebo. At this meeting Emma Yohanna said that BKSP intends to visit Slovakia.

"We hope that when we return home we can bring home things that can be learned from Slovakia such as education, economics as well as parliament," she explained in the VIP room of Building B, DPD RI, 2nd floor, Friday (8/3).

Emma also explained that Slovakia is a member of the European Union, with a relatively small population of around 5.5 million. But Slovakia is a big and famous country. "Indonesia wants to know more because Slovakia tourism is integrated with its people without leaving tradition," she added

The Vice Chairwoman of BKSP also said that the purpose of the other visit was to meet KADIN Slovakia and the Ministry of Education and hope there would be scholarships and student exchange activities.

"BKSP hopes that this visit will benefit both parties and there is something to be gained for Indonesia," explained Emma.

Jaroslav Chlebo explained that the desire to strengthen educational cooperation relations was strongly supported and actually had been carried out between Indonesia and Slovakia. Even recently there have been scholarships and student visits from one of the universities in Bratislava and have approved student exchange programs. "So this is no longer still in the realm of government but has entered directly into campus institutions (universities)," he said.

Besides that, the Slovak Ambassador said that parliamentary cooperation is important in Slovakia, which collaborates with deputies from various countries. Slovakia is in fact young in democracy and imperfect in carrying it out and still continously learning since it is not as smooth as imagined.

And in the visit of BKSP to Slovakia later Jasolav hoped that the visit to Slovakia can bring useful benefits to BKSP. "Hopefully when returning to Indonesia, BKSP can provide real feedback," he said.


11 Maret 2019