DPD RI Proposes 6 Priority Bills in 2019 National Legislation Program


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI will propose 6 priority bills at National Legislation Program 2019. This was revealed at the 6th Plenary Session of Session Period II 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (12/11/2018).  

Priority Prolegnas Bill to be resolved by DPD RI, among others, the Bill on Management of Border Areas, the Bill on Geology, The Bill on Plant Variety Protection, The Bill on Regional Languages, The Bill on Management of State Receivables and Regional Receivables, The Bill on Amendments to Act Number 24 Year 2007 concerning Disaster Management.

The Vice Chairman of Nono Sampono reminded the Organs and Members of DPD RI to focus on completing all tasks and authorities of DPD RI especially the National Legislation Program in the 2018-2019 Session Period which was very short.

"I submit that the 2018-2019 Session period is very short, but all the organs must be able to complete all the agendas in accordance with the duties and authorities, especially in the field of legislation," said this Maluku Senator.

Responding to this, the Chairman of the Bill Drafting Committee (PPUU) John Pieris stated that during the 2018-2019 session, the DPD RI would focus on working on 6 bills on the Prolegnas Priority 2019.

"We encourage the socialization and dissemination of prolegnas programs undertaken by DPD RI. "The results of the Tripartite agreement between the DPD, DPR and the Government need to be socialized to the regions by the upcoming PPUU 2019," said John Pieris.

In this meeting it was also reported that the 2018-2019 Session period, Committee I will finalize the initiative bill on the Acceleration of Development of underdeveloped regions. In addition, Committee I will conduct discussions with the DPR and the Government regarding the Bill on Regional Islands and the l Bill on Indigenous Law Societies; Meanwhile Committee II will discuss the views and opinions of DPD RI on the BUMN Bill and supervise the Aviation Bill; While Committee III will conduct an inventory of material for the amendment to Act Number 13 Year 1998 concerning Elderly Welfare and about Youth; and Committee IV will continue to formulate views and opinions on the bill from the DPR / government regarding the Bill on Tax Consultants, and a review of the 2019 State Budget.

"I hope that all equipment can use time effectively and efficiently, besides that they must be able to arrange each appropriate agenda to be able to complete the tasks and authorities that have been prepared," concluded Nono Sampono.

12 November 2018