DPD RI Will Follow Up the BPK RI Examination Reports


Jakarta, dpd.go.id (5/10) - The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) receives the 2018 Semester I Audit Report that has been carried out by the State Audit Agency of the Republic of Indonesia. Factors that are still encountered in IHPS I 2018 include internal work systems (SPI), non-compliance with regulatory provisions and inhumanity, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness in the use of the budget.

This matter must become DPD RI's concern as regional representation. Because all forms and potential losses must be minimized, can be used for community and regional needs, such as Akhmad Muqowam when leading the Plenary Session at Nusantara V Building, Parlemen Complex, Senayan, Friday (5/10).

In the Session which was also chaired by the Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta, and Vice Chairman Nono Sampono, Muqowam added, DPD RI appreciated the work of BPK, where it had contributed to the finalization and accountability of government finances. This can be seen from the 510,514 objectives issued by BPK which aim to make the government, BUMN / BUMD and other bodies work more orderly, accountable, efficient, and effective.

A total of 306,691 (83%) objectives have been followed up by the local government. This is amazing, he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padindang said DPD RI supported the effective steps of BPK RI in saving real money and / or state assets. Rescue of money and / or assets needed to support the financial system in the framework of the community and region.

There are two main issues in reports related to regional finance. There are already 70% who have received WTP, but there are more than 90 regions that have not reached WTPs related to regional management and finances.

We (Committee IV DPD RI) in addition to conducting studies also to encourage provincial or regency / city governments, to manage finances in quality and achieve the target of the WTP opinion, he added.

In his remarks, Chairman of BPK RI, Moermahadi Soerja Djanegara explained that the Qualified Opinion without Exception (WTP) achieved by the Regional Government Financial Statements (LKPD) continued to increase from 3 to 411 LKPD.

"Improving the quality of LKDP in 2017 is the government's effort in the work that took place in 2016," he said.
Plenary Session of DPD RI and also the composition of members 'Election Funding 2018-2019 and ratifying the Draft Proposal for DPD RI's Initiative on Indigenous Peoples' Rights. * (Tho / ars)

05 Oktober 2018