DPD RI and BPK Sit Together to Discuss the Follow-Up of Examination Results


Tangerang, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI conducts a synergy seminar on the implementation to follow-up  the examination tesults of the Indonesian Audit Agency (BPK). It aims to find a model for the follow-up pattern of BPK audit results.

Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI Ajiep Padindang said that the BPK submitted the results of its examination to DPR and DPRD and each of these institutions followed it up. "What we want to do in the Banten region is to find a model for how to manage the follow-up of BPK's audit results," he said in Tangerang, Tuesday (11/12).

On the other hand, DPD RI also facilitates or connects regional issues regarding the BPK's examination results relating to the center.

"We are the ones who want to formulate the model, we have done so far in the form of a coordination meeting with the BPK. Then going down to the regions in the representatives of BPK and in the regional government that was only a meeting and then we discussed it, "said Ajiep.

Ajiep added conceptually the refined follow-up model was aimed at managing regional finance more transparently, more accountably and the results of BPK's examination were more qualified.

"What is the quality of the financial management of the region itself. "On the other hand, the quality of the BPK's audit results will also be better, so there are no more spaces for indications of financial irregularities," said Ajiep.

Besides that, Member of Committee IV DPD RI John Pieris explained tha the BPK examination results were good because 70 percent received a Fair Without Exception (WTP). "That has been an extraordinary achievement. So we must be provided with a follow-up mechanism, "he explained.

According to John, in the future, hopefully there will be a mutual agreement to develop a system and mechanism for the follow-up to the BPK examination results by the DPD, as well as the DPR and DPRD. "We have to have a shared commitment so that there is consistency and continuous coordination," he said.

On the same occasion, Vice Chairman of BPK Bahrullah Akbar hoped that the Indonesian BPK and DPD could give meaning to both parties. "So that we can continue to move to make improvements and innovations that can bring a correlation to increasing transparency and accountability," he hoped.

In the future, Bahrullah also hopes that the DPD RI and BPK will continue to improve and encourage every transparency and accountability in the regional government. With DPD, BPK can continue to be reminded. "Later it can also remind the Regional Government and remind us all, how transparent financial management and accountability in Regional Government," explained Bahrullah. (Adt)


11 Desember 2018