DPD RI Inaugurate the New Leader


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Elected Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representative III is Akhmad Muqowam from the electoral district of Central Java. The election took place at the 15th Plenary Session of DPD RI which one of its agenda was to hold the election of Vice Chairman III according to the mandate of the new act on the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD3) in Nusantara V Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta. Thursday, July 26 2018.

Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta, Vice Chairman I Nono Sampono, Vice Chairwoman II Darmayanti Lubis chaired the 15th Plenary Session which had 4 agendas. First, the submission of the results of the implementation of the tasks of the DPD RI organs, second the ratification of the decision of the DPD RI, third the election of DPD RI Leaders Section III, and fourth the oath / pledge of the DPD RI Leader.

The election agenda is held by voting from 5 candidates. After the vote counting process, Akhmad Muqowam was elected as the Vice Chairman III by getting 30 valid votes from 87 votes present. Akhmad Muqowam was previously Chairman of Committee I DPD RI and Senator from Central Java.

"The leadership and all members of the DPD RI congratulate the election of Akhmad Muqowam as the elected Vice Chairman III of DPD RI. We hope that the election of Vice Chairman III of DPD RI can further improve the performance of DPD RI Institution in carrying out its constitutional duties, especially in fighting for the aspirations of the people and the regions, "said Nono Sampono reading the election results.

The Vice Chairman III will have duties related to monitoring and supervision of the Regional Regulation Draft (RAPERDA) and Regional Regulations (PERDA) in accordance with the new MD3 Act in 249 paragraph 1 letter C.

"The new MD3 Act in 249 paragraph 1 letter C, the new authority of DPD RI is to monitor and supervise the draft regulations and regional regulations, it is part of the strengthening of the DPD in terms of supervision of Raperpada/Perda," said Akhmad.

In addition, the DPD forms a new organ, namely, the Regional Legislation Affairs Committee (PULD). The new organ is formed in accordance with the new 2018 regulation. And the organs will handle the task of the authority of the new DPD RI in monitoring or supervising the Raperpada / Perda.

"I think monitoring or supervision of regional regulations will be an inclusive part between PULD and the DPD Chairperson, and this is the new authority of DPD, therefore this should be the focus of attention for the DPD as a whole" explained the Central Java Senator at a press conference .

Previously, the Plenary Session also conveyed the results of the implementation of the tasks of the DPD RI Organs in a row ranging from the Bill Drafting Committee (PPUU), Committee I, Committee II, Committee III, Committee IV, Public Accountability Committee (BAP), Committee for Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSP), Ethic Council (BK), and Household Affairs Committee (PURT).

The 15th Plenary Session of DPD RI also endorsed 2 (two) initiative bills from DPD RI namely, the Wage Bill from the Committee III and the State and Regional Accounts Management Bill from the Committee IV. Besides that the DPD RI also endorsed 7 (seven) Supervisions, 2 (two) Views, 2 (two) Considerations. And reports on the implementation of completeness tasks that have not been taken. (mas)

26 Juli 2018