Rights And Obligations Of Senator

Rights and Obligations of Senator

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 49 and 50 of Law Number 22 Year 2003 concerning the composition and position of the MPR, DPR, DPD, and DPRD that DPD members have rights and obligations as follows:


  • Submitted proposals and opinions
  • Selecting and selected
  • Self-defense
  • Immunity
  • Protocol and
  • Financial and administrative matters.


  • practice of Pancasila
  • Implement the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 and to obey all laws and regulations
  • Implement the democratic life in governance
  • Preserve and maintain national harmony and unity of the unitary Republic of Indonesia
  • Noting efforts to increase people’s welfare
  • Absorb, collect, hold and act on community and regional aspirations
  • Putting the interests of the country above personal interests, groups, and groups
  • Provides a morally and politically accountable to voters and local election
  • Comply with the code of ethics and the Rules of Procedure and DPD
  • Maintain local customary norms of ethics and represents.

With regard to this obligation, it reinforces the political functions of the legislative members of DPD RI which include representation, legislation and supervision which is characterized by the nature of its mandate from the people the power of voters that is the nature of “authoritative” or the people’s mandate to the Member, in addition to the characteristic nature of the bond or “binding “namely adherence characteristics of thought and action steps that members of DPD RI based solely on the interests and partisanship on local people.