Vision And Mission


Political consensus of Indonesia through the 1998 reform has resulted in changes in the constitutional structure of Indonesia as outlined in the constitution. The changes include the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD) as a representative institution other than the House of Representatives (DPR RI)

DPD RI institution is established through the Third Amendment of the 1945 Constitution Year 2001 in the framework of institutional strengthening from its original level as the regional representatives faction in the MPR RI to address the issues of central-local relations and strengthening the bonds of these regions in the Homeland and establishing the mechanism of checks and balances between branches of state power and in the legislative branch of power itself.

Based on these conditions, the vision of DPD RI are as follows:

To make the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia as a representative of institution that is optimally and accountably capable on fighting for the regional aspiration to achieve the national goals for the sake of the nation and the Republic of Indonesia


Based on this vision, mission statement of DPD RI are agreed as follows:

1. To strengthen the authority of DPD RI through the amendment of the 1945 Constitution;

2. To optimize the functions of legislation, supervision and budgeting according to its authority stipulated by the 1945 Constitution and the Act;

3. To strengthen the capacity of performing the functions of representation that includes shelter and follow up for the regional aspirations and public complaints, also to increase the public's understanding of DPD as an institution for the public accountability;

4. To improve the relationship and cooperation with the institutions of state / government and non-government institutions in the country and representatives of friendly countries including the international parliamentary community;

5. To improve the performance and institutional capacity regarding the individual views of DPD RI members and the implementation of general secretariat functions also the functional / expertise allowances