Pilih Propinsi :
Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Ginandjar Kartasasmita 29 Januari 2011

Total Suara : 1869767
Ginandjar Kartasasmita was elected to represent the DPD West Java Province in 2004 legislative elections to choose senators of the DPD. This Vice Chairman of the MPR of The Party of the Functional Groups (Golkar party) won the most votes, which are 1...
H. Irman Gusman, S.E., M.B.A. 28 September 2004

Total Suara : 407443
Dr.Laode Ida 27 November 2012

Total Suara : 156177
Ida, his nickname, is a senator of the DPD who represents Southeast Sulawesi province. In the 2004 election, he was ranked first and, in the previous 2009 election, he was also ranked first and got around 156,177 votes. This man, born in Tobea, on Ma...