Hj. Emilia Contessa

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Before working in Indonesian politics as a Senator, Hj. Emilia Contessa was famous as a senior Indonesian singer and once dubbed 'the Lion Stage Asia' by Asia Week magazine in 1975. Enrolled as a candidate for senator from the province of East Java, this woman who was born in Banyuwangi, 27 September 1957 had gained 1,660,542 votes.

"As DPD, I will bridge the regions and the central. In accordance with my basic, I certainly would guard the field of tourism, arts and culture, education, health," said Emilia when asked about her vision and mission. In additio, this mother of four children admitted to love children and hope to become a Senator so she can focus to encourage policies that can improve the life of the lives of children in Indonesia.

Related to her vision-mission, Emilia Contessa is currently incorporated in Committee III, the organs of DPD RI that in charge of the scope of religious, social, and empowerment of women, including the matter of child protection.

12 Oktober 2014