Hendri Zainuddin

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Hendri Zainuddin (born in Palembang, South Sumatra, December 4, 1973, age 41 years old). Completed his primary education in Palembang (graduated 1986) and Islamic Junior High School (MTs.N II Palembang) graduated in 1989. He continued his education at the Muhammadiyah I Senior High School (SMA) in Palembang (graduated 1992).

Hendri studied at the Faculty of Islamic Theology in State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Raden Fatah Palembang and at the same time he was also studied at the Faculty of Law Sjakhyakirti Palembang. Then, he studied at the University of Tridinanti Palembang majored in Master of Management.

He was active in student organizations and outside the campus. Some of important positions in the organization had been led by him. Among them, Chairman of South Sumatera Humanika , Chairman of the Islamic Students Association (HMI) Branch Palembang (1997-1998), Chairman of KNPI Palembang (1997-1998), Member of Provincial Parliament (DPRD) of Banyuasin Regency (2004-2009 and 2009-2014), Chairman of KAHMI Banyuasin Regency (2007-2011), and Chairman of PS Banyuasin.

In addition, he also established a boarding school called Tahfidz al-Qur'an Raudlatul Quran Parayaman Ogan Ilir. He also served as Chairman of PERBASI  Banyuasin, Chief Executive of KONI Banyuasin, Board of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Banyuasin, Chief Executive PERBASI Sumsel, Chairman of Wushu Banyuasin, Chairman of the  Indonesia Takraw Association (PSTI), Vice Chairman of GP Anshor in Sumsel, Manager of Sriwijaya FC (2009-2010), Director of Engineering and Human Resources of PT. SOM. He also writes articles in Sriwijaya Post, Sumatera Express, and Morning News Daily.

26 September 2015