Abdul Aziz

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This South Sumatera Senator who was born in Lahat, October 12, 1972 has finally made it back to Senayan. Abdul Aziz returned to members of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) in 2014 - 2019 through the change between the time (PAW) replacing DPD RI Senator Aidil Fitrisyah who died on November 9, 2014.

Abdul Aziz confirmed as members of DPD RI PAW by Presidential Decree No. 140 / P / 2014 on December 4, 2014. His inauguration was immediately carried out by DPD Chairman, Irman Gusman, Monday (15/12) at DPD Building.

Abdul Aziz was previously a DPD member from the constituency of South Sumatra in the period of 2009-2014. Then in the 2014 legislative elections, he re-enrolled, but from the results of the vote Abdul Aziz who has number one only ranks fifth with the acquisition of 221 355 valid votes.

For the 2014 election results, DPD RI members of South Sumatera who qualified for Senayan, first rank Percha Leanpuri with the acquisition of 834 342 valid votes, followed by second-rank Asmawati who acquired 347 107 valid votes, third-ranked Aidil Fitrisyah 306 632 and Siska Marleni at number four with the acquisition of 221 444 valid votes.

Aziz was the only incumbent senator from South Sumatera Electoral District who failed in the Legislative Elections (Pileg) 2014 but said he was ready to continue the struggle which was delayed, in order to fight for the aspirations of the people of South Sumatera in the center.

15 Desember 2014