Ir. H. Abdul Aziz Qahar Mudzakkar, M.Si.

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As an incumbent in the previous period, Ir. H. Abdul Aziz Qahar Mudzakkar, M.Si is representing South Sulawesi as a Senator for the third time. The figure who was born in Palopo, December 15, 1964 is a modest man, in spite of his status as a state official, he keeps a simple daily routine. The habit of this Boarding School Head of Hidayatullah Makassar before and after becoming the senator in DPD RI is still the same with the habit he had as a student activist.

Aziz is inseparable from the figure of his father, Kahar Mudzakkar, the only soldier who saved the First President RI Soekarno after a historic speech in Athletics Association Field Djakarta (now is known as Lapangan Banteng). This figure who managed to get Soekarno escaped from the Dutch colonial army with only a machete had left a deep impression on the struggle to reject communism in Indonesia.

As  a senator, Aziz has  continued to disseminate the four pillars of nationality, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Homeland of the Republic of Indonesia, and Unity in Diversity, he argued that the dissemination is a way for the people to understand the basics of the state. 

17 Oktober 2014