Drs. H. Abdul Rahmi

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 185625

Drs. H. Abdul Rahmi was born in Belitang, October 28, 1963. The history of organization he had followed, among others :
1. The Chairman of HMI Pontianak branch in the period of 1988 - 1989;
2. The Board of Muhammadiyah Region since 1990;
3. The Board of the Islamic Forum;
4. The Board of Trustees of the Institute Muallaf Kalba;
5. The Chairman of the Union of Muslims of West Kalimantan;
6. The Chairman of the National Committee for the Palestinian People (KNRP) WK;
7. The Secretary of the Advisory Board MABM West Kalimantan.

Prior to joining DPD RI, Drs. H. Abdul Rahmi has served as a member of DPRD West Kalimantan in the period of 1999 - 2004 and in the period of 2004 - 2009. Drs. H. Abdul Rahmi was successfully elected as a member of DPD RI Representing West Kalimantan Province in 2014 - 2019 period after successfully getting 185.625 votes.

12 Oktober 2014