H. Abu Bakar Jamalia

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 93605

H. Abu Bakar Jamalia born in Kuala Tungkal, on July 21, 1953 is a Senator of DPD RI Jambi Province in 2014-2019 with the acquisition of 93.605 votes.

Prior to joining DPD RI, H. Abu Bakar Jamalia is DPRD Member of West Tanjung Jabung period year 1999-2004.

His organization histories are being the Chairman of Jam'iyah Maulid Al-Habsyi Induk Kuala Tungkal, Former Vice Chairman of the DPC PPP West Tanjung Jabung in 2000-2005 period, Former Chairman of the DPC Ka'bah Youth Movement District of West Tanjung Jabung in 2003- 2008.

12 Oktober 2014