Ir. H. Ayi Hambali

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This senator, domiciled in Cibinong, was elected senator in 2014 legislative elections after gaining 1,032,465 votes representing West Java Province. With a clear vision and mission, Ayi Hambali confirms the public about the health protection.

"People expect the improvement in service for the people who use BPJS health facilities, concerning some discriminations for using the free health facilities," said Ayi Hambali.

In terms of infrastructure, Ayi added, there is a need for drainage system improvement, also there should be a clear improvement fund, regarding the status of roads, the government must provide an explanation on who should be doing the roadwork, and be responsible, whether the central government, provincial or regency, so that the people will know, and the mechanisms for the implementation of the improvement is in accordance with the provisions of the implementing instructions and technical guidance.

08 Oktober 2014