Prof. Dr. Dailami Firdaus

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Prof Dr Firdaus Dailami is a great grandchildren of Betawi religious teacher who is also chairman of MUI Jakarta in 1977-1984, KH Abdullah Syafi'i. Dailami is the son of the eldest daughter of KH Abdullah Syafi'i, Tuty Alawiyah AS.

This man born in Jakarta on December 12, 1964, is an entrepreneur and Vice Rector II of As - Syafi'iyah Islamic University, Jakarta and DPD RI Senator of Jakarta Province elected by 416.929 votes. 

Dailami finished his undergraduate degree at The American University, Washington, DC, USA with a Master of Law in 1989 and in 1993 he continued to study at IBM with a Master's degree in Business Administration, his post-graduate degree was obtained at the Jakarta State University in 1999. 

Not only active as a teacher, Dailami was also active in the organization as a Member of the Board of Trustees Malaysian Religious Proselytizing Foundation (YADIMI), Betawi Consultative Board, Advisory Council, the Indigenous Entrepreneurs Association (Hippi) Jakarta in 2012-2015, the Head of Education, DPP Indonesia China Business Council (ICBC) in 2011 - 2015, Chairman II, IKAT (Alumni Association of Defense TOT) in 2012-2016.

08 Oktober 2014