Drs. H.Ghazali Abbas Adan

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Drs. Tgk. H. Ghazali Abbas Adan is a powerful politician from Aceh and has become the representatives of the people of Aceh in the House of Representatives for two consecutive periods. Born in Pidie, on October 15, 1951, this man became a Senator after the general election in 2014 and won 144 505 votes in Aceh province.

As a politician, Ghazali Abbas has a mission to promote Aceh, it is explained in his book with the title The Consistency of Ghazali Abbas Adan for human rights, democracy and "Independence" of Aceh. Senators who is blessed with 5 children is a critical figure, he did not hesitate to give criticism to anyone both in Aceh and Jakarta.

"The principle of my life is like in hadith of the Prophet, khairukum anfa'uhum linnas. The best man is a man who is beneficial for other human beings," said Ghazali. Concerning the risks arising from his statements, he claimed of never being worried and never thought about it. 

06 Oktober 2014