I Kadek Arimbawa

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Among the four members of DPD RI from Bali in 2014-2019 period, as an artist, I Kadek Arimbawa, aka Lolak becomes the only incumbent who succesfully elected for the second time.

Lolak's succes is quite remarkable because he managed to get 161.607 votes and put him as the winner of the second most votes. Whereas, Lolak confessed he did not form any succes team and did not use money politics.

Who is Kadek Arimbawa? A man born in Kamasan village, Klungkung, on December 31, 1976 was originally doubted for his capabillity as DPD member of Bali.

A father of three sons and one daughter is known as a Bondres artist, a traditional art in Bali that displays funny characters using masks with traditional Balinese clothing.

He often appeared on stages in countryside, and local television broadcasts by presenting local humor. In addition, he used unique appearance with slicked top hair style with golden color, and punk clothing.

His career as a comedian began when he joined the society of Bali Comedy. The husband of Balinese pop singer, Ni Made Suastini or Dek Ulik had once managed the home recording and sound system rental.

His key of success is by gaining public sympathy, because he often performed for free for fund raising event for the development of Banjar and Pura village.The committee will raise fund by attracting admission to every citizen who comes to watch.

08 Oktober 2014