Pendeta Marthen, M.Th.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 63698

Rev. Marthen, M.Th. born in Lkong Nosu, August 10, 1963 is a Senator of DPD RI West Sulawesi year period of 2014 - 2019 by 6,369 votes.

His Bachelor degree was taken in PAK STT Intim Makassar and his Master degree was taken at Christian Duta Wacana University, Yogyakarta.

Organizations followed by Rev. Marthen among others :  The Secretary of Student Representative Council, STT Intim, The Chairman of GTM Research and Development in 2001-2011, The Chairman of YMCA Makassar in 1999-2002, The Chairman I of the Working Committee Klasis Makassar GTM, The Chairman of Advisory Council of the Labour Party in 2006-2009 and The Treasurer of YMCA Makassar in 2012-2015.

Before joining DPD RI, Marthen is DPRD Member of West Sulawesi province in 2005-2009.

17 Oktober 2014